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Who made you cum today?

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Started by #465054 at 05,Aug,14 04:32
Who made you cum today?
cum scene or photo that you share with us

I did it today cum watch;
Adult Photo from Jessy

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By Bronsonjames at 23,Apr,20 03:28 other posts of Bronsonjames 
My left hand

By #510909 at 09,Jun,16 22:40
My hand

By cazzoduro69 at 03,Jun,16 14:37 other posts of cazzoduro69 
Fuck 2 times my friend Sonia

By #497672 at 29,Oct,15 12:59
I did.

By liketoedge at 28,Oct,15 02:27 other posts of liketoedge 
Just me
--------------------------------------- added after 15 hours

And it was great

By #289712 at 27,Oct,15 10:27
No one has yet, but I'm planning on making me cum very soon indeed.. Lacking one for today, here's a past shot of my penis blasting cum from another time.. Enjoy!

By #465054 at 26,Oct,15 09:51
not wanking all site users

By CountryCouple54 at 29,May,15 11:29 other posts of CountryCouple54 
content://media/external/file/919 This is what makes me cum. My hot wife.
By #465054 at 30,May,15 19:32

im cumming today for ur wife.. she is have a beatifull ass..

By #316057 at 29,May,15 08:20
My hand

By #465054 at 29,May,15 05:09
big pleasure...

thx for *TheWife+Hubby
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By #131042 at 21,May,15 08:17

By #465054 at 23,May,15 03:48
dounle pleasure!!
--------------------------------------- added after 14 seconds


By #458225 at 21,May,15 00:28
By #465054 at 21,May,15 09:37

By leopoldij at 18,May,15 05:43 other posts of leopoldij 
Nobody yet.

By #445126 at 11,Dec,14 08:28
--------------------------------------- added after 23 seconds

This is who makes me cum everyday.
By #465054 at 18,May,15 04:27
dead link
By leopoldij at 18,May,15 05:41 other posts of leopoldij 
dead link

By #465054 at 18,May,15 04:29
my new favorittes
beatifull all pics and vids thx for sharing...

By licksipsuckit at 10,May,15 10:49 other posts of licksipsuckit 
WhoNeedsPants is one of the hottest guys here, his posts are hot and he is a true nudist, lve spent a lot of points voting his pics to show my appreciation...*lix*
By #465054 at 18,May,15 04:27
he is very lucky..

By #384365 at 10,May,15 15:24
My wife. The same as every day.
By #465054 at 13,May,15 10:06
A nice selection
but though I wish more pictures
By #384365 at 13,May,15 13:37
I will see what I can do.
By #465054 at 18,May,15 04:26
im waiting

By #477295 at 12,Nov,14 04:34
sexybrowneyes and I are getting to know each other pretty intimately. We now sext and call each other. We had orgasms over the phone. She's still sleeping but I'm thinking about mating with her as I rub and pull my cock. Pretending to be drilling her deep as I pound and grind my tool up and in her open swollen pussy. My dick pulses and pumps as I probe her opening with my fertilizing injecting penetrating seven inch stiff cock.
By Arexa at 12,Nov,14 09:13 other posts of Arexa 
Dude, seriously? Do you posess a shred of decency and/or respect?!? I doubt she wants that kind of personal information tossed around... Just sayin'....
By #303133 at 12,Nov,14 09:17
"mating with her"?
Him Tarzan?
By Arexa at 12,Nov,14 17:51 other posts of Arexa 
Him need learn'em manners.

By t-rex at 24,Dec,14 07:51 other posts of t-rex 
She is a nice lady, I wonder if she saw this ?

By #454187 at 17,Dec,14 09:28
No one yet unfortunately haha
By #465054 at 24,Dec,14 07:22
why? not like on site users?

By cumonme1 at 17,Dec,14 09:58 other posts of cumonme1 
By #465054 at 24,Dec,14 07:22

By horniperv at 17,Dec,14 09:16 other posts of horniperv 
My ex wife!

By #465054 at 11,Dec,14 08:18
Adult Photo from arexa52

and imagine cumming in asshole!

thanks "arexa52"
By Arexa at 11,Dec,14 08:40 other posts of Arexa 

By Arexa at 12,Nov,14 18:47 other posts of Arexa 
Your mother....
By #477919 at 18,Nov,14 05:42
Why do i always get your sloppy seconds, Rex
By Arexa at 19,Nov,14 09:40 other posts of Arexa 
Because I'm just awesome like that.

By #302771 at 28,Aug,14 13:58
By #447598 at 18,Oct,14 10:45
By #316057 at 12,Nov,14 04:46

By MrJoe1978 at 12,Nov,14 03:51 other posts of MrJoe1978 

By 67malibu at 18,Oct,14 20:54 other posts of 67malibu 
I held back, hoping to get a good ass fucking tomorrow

By MrJoe1978 at 18,Oct,14 08:33 other posts of MrJoe1978 

By #465054 at 28,Aug,14 03:02
Adult Photo from LuvToGetNaked4You

thanks "LuvToGetNaked4You"

By Nevermore at 26,Aug,14 09:54 other posts of Nevermore 
Me. And I'll probably do it again later.
By #465054 at 27,Aug,14 03:23
beautiful and inexpensive

By #465054 at 27,Aug,14 03:21
today ;
Who wants a turn? Let me know what you think in the comments! <img src='/smiles/wink.gif'>

thanks "bustyasian"

By #465054 at 26,Aug,14 04:42
thanks ; "rosariawife"

Adult Photo from rosariawife

By #460403 at 20,Aug,14 17:26
NO ONE makes me cum any day, what are you guys thinking?!! Why would I waste the great moment of me being horny and wanking by blowing a load at just only someone? I may end up at someone's picture but that doesn't mean that it was the reason I got off, it took me quality of time to build up and enjoy myself until I'm not able to hold it anymore.
By sinanff47 at 21,Aug,14 02:19 other posts of sinanff47 
You mean that you do not like a partner next to you, having a wonderful time together; and he/she is the one who plays with you until an big orgasm??
By #460403 at 21,Aug,14 03:16
Now I have no partner, but if she exists, and I like to, I definitely do. That was about the internet
By sinanff47 at 21,Aug,14 03:37 other posts of sinanff47 
Oh, OK. Yes, internet photos are only a small part of getting very turned on. But sometimes some videos can be very arousing.

By #465054 at 07,Aug,14 04:14
Does not that wanking here?
By #68656 at 07,Aug,14 08:54
You may care to delete the internet derived images in your gallery.
By #465054 at 07,Aug,14 12:02

By #465054 at 20,Aug,14 10:11
u are fucking dog?

By john12 at 16,Aug,14 09:29 other posts of john12 
JohnS is so sexy hot !
By #465054 at 20,Aug,14 10:11
johnS is dog fucker

By #465054 at 16,Aug,14 07:02
oops plumbers crack

By hunnngry at 08,Aug,14 13:24 other posts of hunnngry 
Shorttop all the time
By #465054 at 16,Aug,14 06:50

By hunnngry at 08,Aug,14 13:24 other posts of hunnngry 

By #447598 at 05,Aug,14 04:42
Nuffin. =P

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