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Public cum shots

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Started by Blade at 20,Sep,14 22:09  other posts of Blade
This post is for people to show or describe public places they came in. If you can, show what you came on, and describe how you did it and how risky it was.

Basically show what you shot your cum on when you had sex or jerked off in public.

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By #578259 at 13,Feb,19 17:48
I am always looking for places in public where other Horny Males might have shot a Load of their Cum on a surface. Like the walls of a toilet stall. If I am able to come across fresh deposits. And I am in the mood, I will lick the Cum Load off.

Cum is Sacred and Holy and Should Never Be Wasted!
By sinanff47 at 14,Feb,19 01:46 other posts of sinanff47 
"... and if a sperm is wasted, G-d gets quite irate!"

By Lenatur at 14,Feb,19 00:39 other posts of Lenatur 
Roadparking Place Two older Ladys watching some meters away. And Smile

By #381242 at 14,Jun,15 05:32
I do hourly workers in university library.i work in art library.there is always few people tread.There is a row there are human body photography books on the shelf.I always go there enjoy sexy bodys and nice cokes,then i jerk off.Seminal fluid flow on the ground.That's too stimulating!

By mattboy115 at 30,May,15 14:23 other posts of mattboy115 
I came on this bus stop a few weeks ago. I was just sitting there jerkin in but I had to keep stopping because even at 5 in the morning people are still walking past. And this wasn't a busy area either.

--------------------------------------- added after 73 minutes

I forgot about this time I jerked off in a public library. There was this little nook area where people could sit and read. And the area was really secluded a lot of the time. Anyway I was always able to jerk off there and nobody would be the wiser, I'd get a thrill and then I'd continue doing whatever else I was doing. But one time I decided to record it so I could put it online and right as I was cumming, some chick came around the corner. I don't know if she saw me or not but she turned around and went back out so I'm assuming she did. Never been so turned on in my life.
By Blade at 13,Jun,15 21:58 other posts of Blade 

By Calgarycock at 23,Sep,14 19:00 other posts of Calgarycock 
Once I was the only person riding the train at about 5 am pulled it out and blew a load . Was awesome.

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