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Thank-You admin

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Started by #170523 at 30,Sep,14 20:08
It is such a wonderful thing that you separated the forum into two parts.I now know what is expected of me as a member of this site.I will march to your superior wisdom and grovel in your presence.

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By #431354 at 03,Oct,14 19:50
I like how you named it Drama Queens Fighting
By bella! at 03,Oct,14 19:57 other posts of bella! 
"Drama Queens Fighting it's the best place for them "

Them, who is "them? Perhaps you didn't notice that topics that you're heavily involved in are in the dumpster. Geesh, you don't consider yourself to be one of the fighting drama queens? Think again!

By admin at 30,Sep,14 22:59 other posts of admin 
This site is what you make out of it. I do not expect anything more than common sense from people here. But this is too much as it seems.
By #170523 at 01,Oct,14 21:13
No!..This site is what you want it to be and I can understand that but....Please don't act like you don't have a hand in it's evolution,you do and the site's purpose is money in your pocket.
By admin at 01,Oct,14 22:42 other posts of admin 
What I want? I have no idea what I want. I planned this site as free, thought it would earn money on penis-related products like pills, erection creams and enlargement programs. Did not work. Completely failed. Then I just did not want to throw my work and time into garbage. Since then I have no idea what I want from this site. I only know what I don't want.

And it's unlikely this site will make any money in the future. Internet is for big money now, small folks like me don't have much chances anymore.

But what I really meant is that you get here what you look for. Some people make friends here, some make enemies. I cannot do anything about this. It's just the way people are. And different people will say totally different things about their experience here. Hence - this site is what you make out of it. I have very little to do with this.

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