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Guys who've had their frenulums cut/removed as adults?

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Started by soundsgreat87 at 23,Nov,14 03:17  other posts of soundsgreat87
I've cut my own frenulum by tying, and I've met a few others here who've done the same. Curious to see how many guys here have done it or had it done by a doctor, and for what reason!

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By shortone at 17,Feb,18 02:58 other posts of shortone 
I did my own. Used a topical freezing from the tattoo shop. Used sharp scissors. Rubbed more freezing on and walked.minor bleeding for 10 minutes. Just no rough stuff for a week.

By Jagtstein at 13,Feb,18 09:00 other posts of Jagtstein 
I describe my method , as I have my frenulum removed. Everyone must of course know what he wants to do himself .
The frenulum prepuce remove ( frenulectomy ) I can only recommend . The advantages are:
1 The foreskin can move backwards , thus has a larger stroke during masturbation possible and the foreskin is more flexible .
2 The penis looks better, because the foreskin can almost unwrinkled pull back .
3 The penis can be kept much better clean.
I have the frenulum with three interventions even completely removed by the following method .
Requirement is to work clean and sterile , wash hands and penis thoroughly and sterilize the surgical site.
First, I have the penis about 5 minutes in ice water dipped , then you will not notice the cut . Today I would use Emla cream. After sterilization of the frenulum I have with sharp scissors ( with a pair of scissors can not slip ) the frenulum in the middle up to the glans ( glans) cut bottom. Today I would use an electrocautery because almost no bleeding occurs because the wound is cauterized .
It bleeds a little , do not panic . Next, I inserted a sterile gauze into the wound and the foreskin closed ( wound glued else) . Then I closed the foreskin with a strip of adhesive plaster and pulled a condom , if still leaking some **** ( which was not the case).
The next morning I carefully opened the foreskin ( the bleeding had already stopped ) urinates and inserted a new gauze after repeated disinfecting the wound and closed the foreskin back . But that's how I said adhesive pad can easily open for urination . After one week the wound had already healed so well that I could masturbate resist careful. Incidentally, the pain kept within limits is easy to bear .
After a few months , after the wound had healed well , I have only the rest of the frenulum on the Glansunterseite , and after that was healed well, also located on the inside of the foreskin by the same method . In the end I cut out a triangle , so to speak . With the result, I am very satisfied. The procedure is now 50 years ago , so I think I can tell.
Incidentally, I have never had a problem , and I am still very happy with the result . Emotional loss I can not tell .

By Wipperman at 26,Jul,17 07:53 other posts of Wipperman 
I cut mine myself many years ago when I was feeling brave took a bit of courage it's something I was thinking of doing for ages it bleed a bit took a week or so to heal best thing I ever did , I can have lots of sex or masterbation without getting sore there now and the forskin pulls off the head so beautifully and gives you a little bit of extra length not much but the penis looks so much nicer
By EddBanger at 27,Jul,17 15:25 other posts of EddBanger 
So do we get to see?

By EddBanger at 24,Jul,17 14:33 other posts of EddBanger 
I want to cut mine. I have no desire to be circumcised, but my frenulum stops me pulling my skin all the way back (pics on profile)

I'm just not brave enuf

By frencut at 23,Jul,17 17:52 other posts of frencut 
I did myself by tying up when I was 17 y, 36 years ago. And I'm satisfied to did that . Think it was better to have a full foreskin retractation.

By kockslinger at 20,Nov,15 11:41 other posts of kockslinger 
Did it myself to free up the head and it now stands a 1/4" higher when erect.

By #501667 at 18,Nov,15 11:48
mine was cut about 5 years ago...

By chris23d at 29,Nov,14 09:28 other posts of chris23d 
Does it help the foreskin to stay in a retracted position if there is no frenulum?
By soundsgreat87 at 29,Nov,14 13:45 other posts of soundsgreat87 
It sure makes it easier to use a number of techniques!

By soundsgreat87 at 23,Nov,14 21:16 other posts of soundsgreat87 
By bella! at 28,Nov,14 15:49 other posts of bella! 
Bamp? What is bamp, please?
By soundsgreat87 at 28,Nov,14 16:40 other posts of soundsgreat87 
I was just bumping, lol. It had gotten pushed most of the way down the page.

But I guess no one else has anything to say on this topic!

By #289712 at 28,Nov,14 11:57
I love rubbing it too much!!

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