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Keep myself from masturbating until my girlfriend comes home.

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Started by sexyjar at 28,Apr,15 17:33  other posts of sexyjar
so, my girlfriend has been gone on a fairly long vacation now, and we usually have sex or some type of sexual activity at least twice a day. ever since she left i am so used to having two orgasms a day that i find myself masturbating every single day... i want to stop this habit now and keep my cum in my balls until my girl gets home so she can unload it all for me. How can i manage to keep myself from masturbating for another week? I know that i could masturbate the day before she comes home and still have a huge orgasm when she goes at me, but id like to save it up and show her the biggest orgasm i ever had.

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By lawrenceo at 09,Dec,18 08:42 other posts of lawrenceo 
I rarely stopped wanking when I had a girl friend or wife. Sometimes I would have a wank before seeing her.

When married, if my wife was asleep next to me, I would gently play with my cock until I spunked. Some of my best orgasms were done that way.

However, in the morning and when it was convenient, I would push my morning wood up against her cunt and if she felt like it she would push back and we would have a spoon fuck.

By spermkiss at 28,Apr,15 18:02 other posts of spermkiss 
Man, you shouldn't be doing this. If you're used to fucking her or having some kind of sexual contact that leads to orgasm twice a day, then while she's away YOU SHOULD JACK OFF TWICE A DAY. Keep the juices flowing.

Yes, it's nice to think that you are saving up a big load to give her when she gets back, but it doesn't work that way. The more often you shoot, the more sperm your body produces. When you abstain the sperm production diminishes.
By sexyjar at 28,Apr,15 18:28 other posts of sexyjar 
i just dont want her questioning me if i have a small load or whatever when she comes back and gives me an orgasm, she doesnt know that i masturbate when shes away and i dont really feel like telling her that i do quite yet. so thats why i want to make sure i have a huge load when she gets back to me.
By spermkiss at 29,Apr,15 15:39 other posts of spermkiss 
What's the big deal about telling her that you jack off? It's a normal, healthy and wholesome activity and almost all men do it. And if they don't, they should. It's nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

But if you think it's important to give her a big load when she gets back, just stop jacking off a day or two ahead of time.
By sexyjar at 30,Apr,15 15:22 other posts of sexyjar 
i dont think its a big deal at all but it seems like mostly all women around where im from take it as a big deal and as an insult when us guys jack off while in a relationship.. its stupid if you ask me.
By spermkiss at 01,May,15 16:45 other posts of spermkiss 
Yes, it's stupid, but I'm inclined to think that you're right and a lot of women think that way. (Would any ladies care to weigh in on this?) Just because a man is having very satisfactory partnered sex, that does NOT mean he cannot or should not pleasure himself from time to time.

Think about an analogous situation of being with someone or having solitude. You might deeply love your partner, but I seriously doubt very many people would want to be with that partner 24/7. There are times when you want your solitude.

By leopoldij at 28,Apr,15 18:09 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm also the kind of guy who needs to cum 2 or 3 times a day. Besides fucking my gf I also masturbate. But I also fuck other girls. If you don't want to masturbate (but why not? ) then find some willing women. For example, I have a neighbor who needs sex and I provide it when I
can. But, again, nothing with masturbating. Hand jobs are great too. If you can cum, then it's silly to hold back and not to do it. Do it each and every time you can.
By #488619 at 30,Apr,15 00:29
I have never found one of those kind of women! In my experience none of them have ever just wanted sex.
By leopoldij at 30,Apr,15 15:45 other posts of leopoldij 
What did they want?

By shinybellend at 28,Apr,15 17:38 other posts of shinybellend 
I am lucky I can masturbate every day or go weeks without masturbating. I just do other things and dont do anything which excites me. When I am out and about I see nice women and my cock stirs in my pants but I still dont masturbate. I wait til I am really ready then masturbate, usually over porn or nice thoughts

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