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pubes or no pubes?

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Started by #477359 at 28,Sep,15 21:06
Recently I've been really into guys with big bushes lolSo I started growing mine out and wanted to know what y'all think? Also, I'd love to see photos of yours so post them here if you wanna share

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New Comment

By cutroundhead at 29,Apr,18 11:38 other posts of cutroundhead 
The bushier the better as far as I'm concerned...

By cumonme1 at 29,Apr,18 07:28 other posts of cumonme1 
No pubes

By Smoothie71 at 28,Apr,18 06:36 other posts of Smoothie71 
No pubes! Ever!!

By Nevermore at 28,Apr,18 05:59 other posts of Nevermore 
... that is the question.

This would have made Hamlet a very different play.

By joyraja at 27,Apr,18 06:34 other posts of joyraja 

I am ok with both.

By PoloFields at 18,Apr,18 17:36 other posts of PoloFields 
Have shaved before, but it was more hassle than it was worth to stay smooth. And having a hairy body, looked odd. When I masturbate, like running my hands through my pubes. And as noted on the thread for younger folks, it's a sign of growing up.

By Toasty at 19,Apr,18 16:31 other posts of Toasty 
Yep it looks more mature with hair but sure it's own personal preference to say how's better. Shaved ones can look so weird when suddenly there is just baby smooth patch down there

By #554679 at 18,Apr,18 19:14
Ich bin überall rasiert ist viel intensiver

By Toasty at 18,Apr,18 16:45 other posts of Toasty 
I really don't mind it's much lazier to just let them grow out wild and start to hang

By liketoedge at 17,Apr,18 02:51 other posts of liketoedge 
i like mine neatly trimmed but alway shave my balls. As a teen i was always totally shaved and kept it that way for years

By Earlybird at 17,Apr,18 00:12 other posts of Earlybird 
I shaved everything down there once, back in my late 20s, on request of my girlfriend at the time. I found that I had to keep everything smooth as a baby's butt down there. If any stubble started to show up, I'd get all itchy & scratchy. Shaving myself that often was way more of a hassle than I was willing to put up with, so I let 'em grow wild again & have done so ever since.

More recently, I learned that less than 2% of the world population has red hair & that only a few of us redheads also have red pubes. I also learned that the rarest hair/eye color combo in the world is red hair w/blue eyes. Only a tiny fraction of us gingers have blue eyes. And only an extremely tiny fraction of us have red pubes and blue eyes. That is by far the rarest of all hair/pube/eye color combos.

I happen to be a redhead with red pubes and blue eyes - so I'll never shave my pubes again!

By Boylover at 16,Apr,18 23:32 other posts of Boylover 
I´m mostly shaved, but sometimes I let my pubes grow again, just for a change:

Always keep shaving my balls smooth, though.

By jodyallgood at 17,Apr,17 22:47 other posts of jodyallgood 
pubes with smooth balls

By #532987 at 17,Apr,17 12:08
I prefer smooth, because I feel more intimate with my lips, tongue and mouth worshiping the shaved tight ball sack and the same with the ass. It is more sensitive for the receiver if he is shaved as he can feel my tongue darting in and out of his hole.

By #331948 at 15,Apr,17 23:53
Luv it smooth....

By RealTitsLover at 15,Apr,17 12:53 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Oh, so this isn't for discussing girls, too? I didn't look through the whole thing, but I can only handle so many dick pics... for mine, always trimmed short.

Girls, I like anything from clean shaven to trimmed, like a medium length, unless it's really thick - then shorter's better.

By cumaddik at 15,Apr,17 12:40 other posts of cumaddik 
Smooth is so nice!

By #440825 at 15,Apr,17 11:58
i love the cleanness of no pubes. plus i **** to floss while sucking....

By #289712 at 15,Apr,17 11:52
I just can't do it nowadays. I trimmed and shaved mine today. For me it feels better.

By #488147 at 11,Apr,17 01:15
No pubes for me I keep everything clean shaved

By Ynottt at 09,Apr,17 11:16 other posts of Ynottt 
I prefer smooth...

By Lenatur at 06,Apr,17 02:49 other posts of Lenatur 

By ybnormal17 at 05,Apr,17 00:25 other posts of ybnormal17 
No pubes for me

By #529755 at 15,Mar,17 15:11


By houghton at 25,Oct,16 08:22 other posts of houghton 
pubes everytime.
By 3fdfd at 15,Mar,17 11:00 other posts of 3fdfd 
I agree with you.

By xxx25 at 12,Oct,16 10:47 other posts of xxx25 

What about that? Ok?
By pifad at 25,Oct,16 08:25 other posts of pifad 

By 3fdfd at 15,Mar,17 10:59 other posts of 3fdfd 
Really nice - you look great keeping your cock hairy.

By rootergirth88 at 12,Mar,17 23:36 other posts of rootergirth88 
much prefer peckers with big full bushy dick-hairs for sure!!

By 3fdfd at 15,Mar,17 10:57 other posts of 3fdfd 
Yes - just like yours. You are looking great.

By nudedude125 at 13,Mar,17 23:49 other posts of nudedude125 
No hair gets my vote

By #527424 at 13,Mar,17 02:40
I go for no hair

By pifad at 13,Feb,17 09:41 other posts of pifad 
No man can be too hairy.

By #527424 at 22,Jan,17 21:21
I go for smooth

By malecall4 at 20,Jan,17 02:05 other posts of malecall4 

By #460523 at 19,Jan,17 20:34

By BAILEY1958 at 11,Oct,16 21:40 other posts of BAILEY1958 
I like my pubes
By Nevermore at 19,Jan,17 17:18 other posts of Nevermore 
I like your pubes too.

By Nakeddick1969 at 19,Jan,17 16:19 other posts of Nakeddick1969 
I have very bushy pubes and I love it, plus I love to see guys with pubes!!!!
By Nevermore at 19,Jan,17 17:17 other posts of Nevermore 

By #503470 at 19,Jan,17 11:54
No pubes for me started shaving them off as soon as they started growing

By Bjarne at 11,Oct,16 16:40 other posts of Bjarne 
No pubes. I shaving me very morning.

By #289712 at 03,Oct,16 06:12
I'm not really big on them. I like my dick and balls shaved smooth, and the rest trimmed very short. For me it feels better, nice and neat. I also like a shaved, pussy, looks great, although I wouldn't complain otherwise!

By Ramil1 at 30,Sep,16 19:13 other posts of Ramil1 
smooth feels great ...

By #519017 at 30,Sep,16 18:14
Yeah I'm into pubes too. I keep mine hairy but sometimes cream my shaft free of hair. See my hairy pictures.

By 3fdfd at 30,Sep,15 12:01 other posts of 3fdfd 
I like guys with full, natural pubes. Keep yourself as bushy as you natural can be - you are looking good. Great cock !

By #316057 at 30,Sep,15 07:00

--------------------------------------- added after 18 hours

By #285354 at 29,Sep,15 19:09
Your pubes look great, very sexy
The look that I like is full pubes,but shaved balls and trimmed around the shaft. I love the feel of shaved balls- much more comfortable

By talk4s at 29,Sep,15 12:47 other posts of talk4s 
Smooth is great! But you would look so wonderful with shaved balls and trimmed pubes!

By spermkiss at 29,Sep,15 11:44 other posts of spermkiss 
I vote for smooth, but you look good either way.

By furluvr at 29,Sep,15 01:55 other posts of furluvr 
Your pubes are terrific. Keep them!

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