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I've become an expert oral cock-worshipper, here's some tips for giving amazing head

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Started by #436014 at 15,Dec,15 15:09
First and foremost, you need to be responsive to your partner's responses. If he gives a moan or grunt, it might be because he likes or doesn't like, you have to ask. You have to ask for and take direction if/when needed. It's about his gratification and not just yours. I can't begin to tell you how many disappointing blowjobs I've gotten from those who don't know this advice. And by following this advice, and really getting into the cock, worshipping and savoring it and slutting out and making it last, and narrowing techniques down through (gentle!) trial and error, both me and recipient have had amazing times.

So as far as actual technique goes, one thing I've been recently perfecting is gradually and gently and slowly testing my throat capacity as I still have a gag reflex. But I get the cock as far back there as I can, then bob my head back and forth in a gentle stroking motion. I (gently!) add some tongue pressure on the underside (or topside as the case may be, haven't tried this much from the side yet), so as to make it as tight (not too tight! i stress, not too tight, unless that's what the suckee wants), and basically go back and forth with a cock-massaging motion using my lips, cheeks, tongue, mouth and (shallow) throat encasing that cock. It feels heavenly for me as sucker having that head and shaft moving back and forth in there like this.

That can get them cumming in like 20 seconds, so I can only do it so long and because he and I wanna make it last more, I come back up and (gently! with spit lube!) stroke the cock (including the head if the cock-haver likes that), just work the head a bit with tongue swirling around the top, etc. Or if the nutsack is really nice too (lots of variation here on guys, including some au naturel hairy style that I don't go for - having hair get caught in my mouth is a turn-off when giving head if only because i have to stop to pick it out which is annoying) i'll give the nuts a working over as the nuts-haver likes it. (I don't rim at this point. I'm all about the cock and not the poophole. ymmv)

Anyway, this usually makes for a few/several minutes of bliss for the both of us, and usually with him shooting his nut nectar in the back of my mouth/shallow throat while i do that massaging motion i described. Bonus points: place your thumb (no pressure needed) at the base of the urethra/spongy part on the underside while he cums and feel the pulsations, it's fucking amazing to feel that while the cock is halfway in the mouth and throat goo shooting out in sync with the pulsations.

me worshipping cock:

All I know is, if I could get a blowjob like that I'd come back for more and more of it, none of this one-time hookup stuff.

Now let's hear some other tips from you expert cocksuckers/worshippers out there.

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By LongSchlongDong at 23,Apr,18 02:10 other posts of LongSchlongDong 
fucking fags...
By kebmo at 23,Apr,18 04:02 other posts of kebmo 
Why are you here if you don't like what is being said. You could delete your account and you'd never have to put up with this again.

By #436014 at 16,Dec,15 19:54

There's a visual, tactile, smell (fucking love it on some guys), and taste (cum *licks lips in lustful anticipation*) component to worshipping cock, but what about the sound part? My favorite sound might be that first gasp of oh so naughty pleasure when I first put the sensitive cock head in my mouth and begin caressing it with my lips. Somehow that turns me on even more than his cumming vocalizations (when some of the other of the 5 senses demand greater attention).

By bar222 at 15,Dec,15 18:39 other posts of bar222 
I dont have any tips, because i only like to blown by men not the orker way around. But i just had to stay, just reading this made me hard.
By #436014 at 15,Dec,15 18:48
me, I'm awaiting to hear all the detailed input spermkiss has to offer
By spermkiss at 16,Dec,15 17:02 other posts of spermkiss 
Man, I think you're ready to be awarded your Cocksucking Merit Badge. It sounds as though your have elevated giving a man oral service to a fine art. I salute you.

As you and I both know, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, as exciting, rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying as giving a man good oral service. Of course I like getting my own nut off (what man doesn't?), but getting another man off is better. And to be rewarded with his sperm (nut nectar! I like that term, I'm gonna use it myself) is the piece de resistance of the entire cocksucking experience.
By #436014 at 16,Dec,15 17:10
how about the placing your thumb on the urethra part while he spasmodically squeezes his load in your throat, do you do that? it's not complete without that. now for the real question: is there anything that would make it more complete than that? i mean, it seems like the thumb/spasm/throat thing is like the pinnacle, how can it get better than that? i would describe the effect as intoxicating.
--------------------------------------- added after 105 seconds

of course if you're sucking him from the other way (tongue on topside of cock, nose buried in balls), you might have to place one of your opposing digits there

By #436014 at 16,Dec,15 17:21
"Of course I like getting my own nut off (what man doesn't?), but getting another man off is better."

Well I'd want to sample that good a blowjob first before another opportunity to suck a guy off. Just to see how it feels, because it probably feels amazing. I've been told "amazing" "awesome" "incredible" multiple times when i'm giving it. What can I say, I'm a cock and cum slut. I think both (giving and getting a load) could be made equally hot maybe, if the sucker is a real expert and enthusiast in the field/genre of cock, cocksucking and cum.

One internet guy told me that he could come just from someone coming inside him. That got me to fantasizing about someone who can cum from someone coming in his mouth, which then got me to thinking of a 69 position where each guy explodes in the other's mouth at the same time, or maybe one or more of them gets a facial at the same time, the variations might be many. But the idea is that while a guy cums the other is delivering his load on his face/mouth, I bet that would be amazing. Bonus points for thumb-on-urethra action.
By spermkiss at 16,Dec,15 17:53 other posts of spermkiss 
First, to answer your thumb-on-urethra question, no I haven't done it, but I'm gonna try it. Here you are, only half my age and you're teaching this old dog new tricks.

Of course I've done 69 hundreds (no thousands!) of times and I've even climaxed that way, sometimes simultaneously with the other man, but I'd really like to limit that to foreplay. With simultaneous orgasms there is just too much sensation coming at once to fully appreciate everything. For the main event (or main events) of orgasmic climax(es) I like to concentrate on just one thing at a time.

When I'm the cocksucker I like to give my full attention to my mouth, to the dick that is in it and to the man whose dick it is. I want no distractions so I can tune in to the man's responses to my oral service. That way I can fine tune my performance on the go to give the man maximum sexual pleasure and a fully satisfying orgasm. When he climaxes I like feeling that dick throb in my mouth and then I like to take time the savor the flavor of his sperm (his nut nectar!) like a wine connoisseur savoring the flavor of a fine wine.

When I'm the suckee, I like to give my full attention to my dick and to the oral service that is being lavished upon it. I like being attuned to every nuance of the cocksuckers efforts so that I can fully appreciate what he is doing. Then I go higher and higher until I finally explode in the biggest thing since the Big Bang.

Men sucking each other off is the ultimate intimacy between men. There is nothing better.

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