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feature request - enhanced blacklist

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Started by justlooking123 at 18,Dec,15 23:16  other posts of justlooking123
This (an enhanced blacklist) would be something I'd like to see implemented here.

Basically it would cost a member 250 points (the max amount regulars can accumulate without effort) to place another member on the list. Probably make it a paid membership/point purchase only feature.

The blacklisted member would be unable to view pics, communicate in any way, send gifts, look at friends faves etc or have any interaction whatsoever with the member that banned them.

When the blacklisted member attempts to visit the member who banned them they should simply get a text message that this member has banned them and a link back to the main site.

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New Comment

By Skittles at 07,Jan,21 14:15 other posts of Skittles 
Yes! Site enhancements!!

By cockslut69 at 18,Dec,15 23:52 other posts of cockslut69 
Why should it cost 250 points to blacklist some one
By justlooking123 at 19,Dec,15 00:00 other posts of justlooking123 
So people don't abuse the feature.

My request would not replace regular, free banning as it exists right now, it would be the next step up from it for a-r-s-e-w-i-p-e-s who won't leave others alone even when told to.

By bella! at 19,Dec,15 00:32 other posts of bella! 
The member is proposing that an ENHANCED blacklist be considered.

Actually, it might be interesting something similar could be implemented for normal blacklisting. Quite often, members that blacklist other members are doing it just because they can do it and it's easy to do.

Wouldn't it be interesting if you wanted to blacklist another, it would cost you 20 to 40 points? And if you decided to pop for the 20 to 40 points, for the lack of a better term, a "physical gift" ( maybe nothing more than a black square with the sending member's nickname beneath ) would be sent to the blacklisted member. You, cockslut69, are able to see who sends you gifts but I would wager to say you don't know who the 3 members are that blacklisted you. I am a premium paid member and I'm able to see who the 22 members are that have blackisted me. I know for certain that one of those members blacklisted me because I did not respond to his private messages and it was not until I tried to comment on a picture, I was unable to, because I was blacklisted. Some members are blacklist crazy and perhaps if they had to pay 20 to 40 points to blacklist another member, they would have to think twice about it or get up off of their points.
By justlooking123 at 19,Dec,15 00:43 other posts of justlooking123 
I disagree.

You should not have to talk or interact with somebody that you don't want to here and Admin agrees (about the talking bit at least).

Some member just don't take the hint of the normal blacklist though and become stalkers and trouble makers. Hence my enhanced ban suggestion.

Think of it like people visiting your home in real life. You get to choose who you do/don't let in (unless they are l a w e n f o r c e m e n t) and 99.999% of the population respect your decision to deny them entry. Its only the psychopathic tiny 0.001% of the population that wont take no for an answer and resort to home invasion, trespass etc.

Same principle here.
By bella! at 19,Dec,15 07:46 other posts of bella! 
Ha! #23 and counting. This is just an example of a member being over the top.

Dec 18, 21:34 bella!: No need to be rude and abrasive as I was not rude or abrasive with you. As for me, I would be a member with 2 plus consecutive years of membership and I am an active panel member.

Dec 18, 21:06 ****: Well it's funking mine and who the fuck are you anyway, with a picture like yours on. Show I wouldn't be talking to much huh

Dec 18, 17:55 bella!: I don't think that there's a need to respond, your case has been dismissed. I think that the picture that you were referring to was one that **** posted almost 4 years ago and that picture can be found all over the Internet. 

Dec 18, 16:08 bella!: Hi. You referred another member to the evaluation panel because he has posted a picture of yours. Which picture is it?

By cockslut69 at 19,Dec,15 11:51 other posts of cockslut69 
20 to 40 points ok but 250 is excessive

By #68656 at 19,Dec,15 09:28
Would this have anything to do with or have precipitated the above request.?
Would it be more advantageous to sort matters out amicably with the other gentleman.??

"Fuck off and die dgraff, quit visiting my page! There is nothing for you here, never has been and never will be!"
By justlooking123 at 19,Dec,15 10:00 other posts of justlooking123 
That was after he had left the first batch of "gifts" and was visiting my profile several times a day.

He was in my blacklist long before that - blacklisted him because of his public post harassing of the other member.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

Not to mention he is an old man, I don't appreciate dirty old men hanging around my profile (and I make no apology for it either!) or guys with bits of their cock missing/opened, cockhead pierced full of "jewellery", bearings embedded in their cock etc and I most certainly blacklist them when they visit my profile.

I'm no fan of transvestites either, so they get blacklisted too. Nothing rude said to any of the above, just don't want them hanging around my page, they don't interest me.
By #68656 at 19,Dec,15 10:19
Thank you for your reply and clarification to the matter in question.

Regarding the comment "Not to mention he is an old man", would that include myself or the other older members of this group.??
Apart from that I agree absolutely with the other comments about the type of material and fetishes listed.
By justlooking123 at 19,Dec,15 10:30 other posts of justlooking123 
I barely ever visit your page (did today because of a forum link I didn't know went there) or any other old mans page, do I?

I made you a friend because you needed to be one in order to PM me about abuse reports that time.

By bella! at 19,Dec,15 10:32 other posts of bella! 
I'm really trying to have a meaningful conversation with you on this matter.

Is it really necessary to blacklist a member because they are older than you're interested in ( you haven't noted what your age is so how could anyone imagine what might be too old )? Or because guys have their bits pierced, inked, missing pieces, bearings embedded....? Or because they are transvestites? Perhaps if you used the [NOTES] portion on your profile to clearly indicate what you are or are not interested in would be perfect for you to use.

Rather than blacklisting a member, have you notified the member that you are not interested in their unwelcome attention or just ignore them altogether? I just feel that there are options to choose prior to blacklisting.
By justlooking123 at 19,Dec,15 10:41 other posts of justlooking123 
I prefer to simply blacklist them and ignore them, they do nothing for me and I don't want to talk to them. I'm also not rude to them.

There are some decent older guys here and I make an exception for those, but disgusting old men who are out of shape can kindly stay far, far away from my profile. Lord knows I will certainly not come within bulls roar of theirs!

By admin at 19,Dec,15 07:54 other posts of admin 
It would be pretty much useless, because anyone can create an alternative account and look at your account from it. And people who can annoy you so much are usually persistent (or crazy) enough to create alternative accounts.

Let me tell you what happened to one of the female members some time ago. She was popular, but also hated by some. She complained to me about harassment and because she was popular I kept banning those accounts that some people kept creating to molest her. At the end what happened? Being unable to get to her here they pretended to be her friends, learned some private info about her and then found her on other sites, non-adult ones, learned about people who knew her in real life and attacked her through them.

It's not hard for me at all to make existent blacklist work like you ask and you are not the first one asking. In facts it's 10 minutes of work, tops. But I know it would probably do you more bad than good, creating false sense of security, that could backfire much worse than just several piles of imaginary shit in your gift section.
By justlooking123 at 19,Dec,15 08:00 other posts of justlooking123 
Thanks for the reply.

I guess you could tie the ban to username OR IP address, whichever matches.

People could certainly try to get through to me via other sites, would do them no good at all since I leave few if any digital footprints that lead back to myself that non admin types could access.

Of course not everyone is as careful as I am though.
By admin at 19,Dec,15 08:57 other posts of admin 
AOL, Comcast and many other big providers have dynamic pool of IPs that are shared among all their users. AOLs pool is rather small by the way. Banning IP may close access to the site for many people who have nothing to do with the person whom the ban was intended for. In the same time if the person is persistent enough they can find a way to register via proxy/private vpn/tor.

I.e. technically it's not viable. The only more or less sure way is to tie accounts to mobile phone numbers like many social sites do these days, but it's not a solution for a site like this one where most of people are concerned about their privacy. Most would not register at all if asked for their phone number.

By justlooking123 at 19,Dec,15 08:08 other posts of justlooking123 
Here is another thought. If somebody (person A) sends someone else (person B) a "gift" and person A is banned by person B then if person B elects to destroy the gift, the gift is destroyed with points from person A's account, not person B's account.

In other words sending negative gifts to people who have banned you should cost you points upon gift destruction.

If the sender of the gift has no points when it is destroyed then they should accrue negative points which they have to get rid of by purchasing points before they can earn points by site activities again.

Bella's point cost suggestion could come into play here - make it cost 10 points to ban somebody, and only paying members can make the sender pay for the negative gift destruction, not free members.
By bella! at 19,Dec,15 08:47 other posts of bella! 
The thought behind a point fee to ban a member is because it's so easy to do so, often times for a weak reason or no reason at all. The fee should be significant so the member who is attempting to blacklist another thinks about their reason(s) and actions prior to doing so and for that logic, I think 25 points or 40 points is realistic charge. I also feel that the blacklist should have a beginning and end. Is it reasonable to think that a member could blacklist you for 10, 25 or 40 points and you would remain blacklisted forever? I don't think so! Perhaps the blacklist period of time should only be 6 months. What *IF* the member who has blacklisted another is only active for a month or two and never returns, should you remain blacklisted until admin purges old and inactive accounts? I don't think that's reasonable.

Again, just my opinion, there are many members that blacklist for flimsy reasons and if they were questioned 5 months down the road why they blacklisted another member, my guess is they wouldn't be able to tell you why.

I noticed that you're really leaning toward the side if the paying member, may I ask why? My opinion, for this site to be successful, it is just as important to have ENGAGED MEMBERS as well as PAID MEMBERS. And if you are a paying and an engaged member, woo hoo!

By #316057 at 19,Dec,15 04:52
Some one gone (NUTS)LMAO

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