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Started by gsmiley6 at 28,Feb,16 04:30  other posts of gsmiley6
anyone else that just needs a hard cock while high on meth

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By xxxnic at 26,Jul,17 03:39 other posts of xxxnic 
blah blah blAh..

By mr_blue at 28,Feb,16 06:28 other posts of mr_blue 

Pilots on 'Go Pills'
"US pilots became involved in a friendly fire incident over Tarnak Farms, Afghanistan, while under the influence of Dexedrine."

US Air **** pilots' use of amphetamines is one of the most widely documented examples of the use of performance enhancing drugs by military personnel. Often tasked with conducting excessively long missions - some lasting upwards of 20 hours - US Department of Defense scientists began to issue dextroamphetamines - more commonly known as 'Speed', but referred to as 'Go Pills' within the USAF - to its pilots to ensure they remained alert long after tiredness and fatigue should have started to impinge on mental performance.

Although the benefits of such drugs have been rendered ideal, the side effects, including confusion, delusions, auditory hallucinations, aggression and, in extreme cases, psychotic behaviour, represent a disposition that is hardly ideal for a person in charge of a multimillion-dollar war machine. This is best evidenced by an incident in April 2002, in which US pilots became involved in a friendly fire incident over Tarnak Farms, Afghanistan, while under the influence of Dexedrine. Four Canadian soldiers died in the accident.

The air **** does not hide away from the use of such amphetamines, and has publicly disclosed the prescription of small doses - often 10mg - of Dexedrine if "fatigue could be expected to degrade air crew performance." While the USAF is quick to insist that the use of such medications is voluntary and consent forms must be signed by pilots, the form also notes that pilots can be grounded if they decline. Pilot groundings, no matter the circumstances, can have serious implications on a pilot's career, potentially leading to a perverse situation where a pilot could almost feel forced to take the drugs.

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Do some research JohnS ffs,you look stupid....

And why are you taking this thread off track ?...you fucking b@by....it wasn't dev...stop making out people attack you...
By bella! at 28,Feb,16 07:02 other posts of bella! 
Why is he taking the thread off track? Because he will use any and every opportunity to dig up something from 2 or 3 years ago to make it fresh as if it happened yesterday and to make it look like he's the victim.

It's sad that his old brain can't process that the reason he is disliked so much is a direct result of his actions. Quit your belly aching, you doo-rag wearing , it's February, 2016, get you some new business to whine about. Why not complain about me and refer to the post that you had admin delete? You are such a wanker, too bad you don't have a thing to wank with.
By xxxnic at 26,Jul,17 03:38 other posts of xxxnic 
I like your speel. ..you Are a intellectual bad ass...now show me some toys somebody...

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