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Physsician Induced Erection

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Started by BushPilot at 15,Mar,16 02:28  other posts of BushPilot
For over 50 years I've dreaded the day when a Dr., in my case female, would elicit a rise from my lower brain. Today was the day. I went in for my annual physical and have seen this woman for nearly 30 years. She's attractive and stacked but there's never been any kind of emotional interchange. This morning however, she impaled my anus and at the same time was rolling my nuts between her fingers. In what seamed a millisecond I had a full erection that surprised the two of us. She pulled away and I didn't move...too afraid I guess. Once she regained her composure and realized I wasn't going down, she withdrew the foreskin from over my head and felt the shaft for nodules. That was it. Nothing more. But the experience of snapping to attention in the hand of my female physician has given me a raging hard on at times all day long.

My question is...has this ever happened to any one else. I don't mean having sex with your doctor but simply having such a strong reaction during an exam?

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By Louis at 08,Jun,18 07:13 other posts of Louis 
While getting a physical last year, my doctor's new assistant was called in the room. She was young and quite hot looking. Well, I was naked and had a major hard on in no time. It was embarrassing but quite a turn on at the same time. I would swear I saw her sneak a quick peak! Other than that, they ignored it.

By fatcock66 at 15,Mar,16 12:14 other posts of fatcock66 
I guess this is new. But I expected lots of comments about a Dr doing a DRE and getting semen to flow. I've had this happen several times. Always a male Dr, but he pressed rather forcefully on my prostate and a few drops of semen were expressed from my flaccid dick. He reached down onto the floor and picked some of it up and pinched between his fingers while he looked at it. No comment. Checking viscosity I guess.
By Nevermore at 12,Nov,16 07:28 other posts of Nevermore 
Wait, Dr Dre gave you a boner?
By fatcock66 at 14,Nov,16 13:59 other posts of fatcock66 
heh, heh... you ever had your prostate checked? You should get that by time you are 40, so it's cumming up

By jocstfr at 11,Nov,16 08:38 other posts of jocstfr 
it happened to me in a dr's office with a male dr and a female assistant. He was checking my prostate and even though I was not hard, all off a sudden I started getting that familiar feeling in my dick and balls that I was going to cum. My dick started twitching and in seconds streams of cum were spewing from my flaccid dick. I apologized and the assistant stated that it was a normal reaction in some men and she covered my dick with a towel as if she were expecting more to cum out.

By botanic at 09,Nov,16 19:42 other posts of botanic 
yep , years back I was about to undergo a hernia op and v attractive nurse came to shave me , she held my cock while she shaved me and I could not stop it getting harder and harder , she just grinned at me.

By Hrnyboy90 at 09,Nov,16 10:25 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Happened to me once a few years ago.. I was in one of those gowns getting an exam for some lower abdominal pain I was having, I wasn't sure if I was suppose to keep my underwear on or not but I was completely naked under the gown. He had me on my back and opened the gown so I was completely exposed. He took a couple minutes examining and pressing below my stomach. Think it was just the feeling of being naked, but for whatever reason i got a full erection before he was done. I didn't say anything, just stayed quiet and casual while my dick was throbbing. He didn't comment on it either it probably happens a lot. Something I just can't control if I'm exposed to someone

By liketoedge at 18,Mar,16 22:12 other posts of liketoedge 
During a sports physical once i just popped a major boner. Just having someone see my privates must have set it off. I was a little embarrassed, but he reassured me it happens to many boys and was just professional about it.

By leopoldij at 17,Mar,16 19:07 other posts of leopoldij 
I got one when I was being examined by female doctor.
--------------------------------------- added after 19501 hours

She actually examined my balls. She had to touch them and raise them and look at them closely. What could I have done other than get a stiff cock in front of her?

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