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women with a preference for circumcised cocks please comment

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Started by #255813 at 02,Nov,16 17:57
Any ladies here admit to having a preference for circumcised cocks and care to share your thoughts and feelings on the subject?
I don't want to start another cut / uncut debate please.
I have had 5 long term female partners with two of them having a strong sexual preference for circumcised cocks.
I loved hearing them talk about circumcision and would be interested to hear from other women

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By galaxy123 at 26,Oct,20 06:55 other posts of galaxy123 
I have had positive and negative comments about my foreskin. It is quite long and covers the head even once I get hard. I have been with 2 women who did not like it at all. One for aesthetic reasons, she thought it looked "gross" and the other for cultural, all her family were circumcised.
If anyone wants to comment on mine please do.

By bisquirters2 at 03,Nov,16 16:21 other posts of bisquirters2 

By kebmo at 03,Nov,16 05:53 other posts of kebmo 
All of my cock sucking friends on my profile are circumcised because that's how I like my cocks. Being Canadian it's a fairly common thing. I'm a chef and have bit of an OCD regarding cleanliness that goes from my work to my home to my bedroom. I also don't have anal sex for the same reason. I've never done it, male or female. What I do with or put in my body is my business, my choice and is related to my personal comfort level.
Some people like broccoli and some people don't. I respect both choices because you can't just tell someone to stop or start liking broccoli....

By licksipsuckit at 03,Nov,16 05:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 
couldn't care less if youre circumcised or not, so long as its clean, hard and has a pulse, that's all that matters, not what your parents did or didn't do to you when you were too young to make your own decisions...*lix*

By #255813 at 02,Nov,16 18:26
An amazing example of a small penis very tightly circumcised.
Makes me curious if the doctor knew how much skin he/she was removing? Did the same doctor perform hundreds or thousands of circumcisions during their career each time removing radical of skin leaving the young boys to grow into men with extreme circumcised cocks???

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