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Started by #535543 at 31,May,17 05:27
So there's a ton of weirdos on this site, am I right? What percentage would you say?

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By bella! at 31,May,17 06:36 other posts of bella! 
What do you consider to be a "weirdo"? Someone who is into humiliation? Someone who modifies their dick? Someone who begs for people to watch them on cam? Someone who is uncertain and creates a profile with no pictures just to get their feet wet. OR, just the random guy or gal who posts pictures of their naughty bits on a website for the entire world to see?

What I'm trying to say is that WE ARE ALL WEIRDOS, each and every one of us!
By JustWill at 31,May,17 07:12 other posts of JustWill 
I'm not.
By bella! at 31,May,17 08:01 other posts of bella! 
Who are you trying to fool? You're the fricken Commander-in-Chief of ALL the weirdos, for cryin' out loud!
By JustWill at 31,May,17 10:17 other posts of JustWill 
Oddly, I take that as the highest compliment.
By RealTitsLover at 31,May,17 10:30 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Yeah, I would too. It doesn't happen often on this site, but I always appreciate when people point out how weird I am in real life.

By RealTitsLover at 31,May,17 08:39 other posts of RealTitsLover 
What about people who send dick pics to members who clearly aren't interested in guys?
By #517356 at 31,May,17 08:43
I just politely point out I'm not interested in looking at other guys .... but if they find mine attractive thats up to them... doesn't make them wierd though.
In answer to the OP As Bella says , we are all 'wierdos ' to somebody , each and every one of us BUT isn't that what makes us all unique and interesting...if you think something is wierd or disgusting , then just move along and look at something else
By bella! at 31,May,17 09:01 other posts of bella! 
@ Ronglass, of course we are all unique and that is what makes each of us interesting.

As for finding something weird or disgusting about another member, or someone in general, you're correct, just move along. There's no need to blacklist them (now I'm talking about another thread) just because you don't like the way they look or because they don't agree with you. That seems like a weakness in your personality. Life doesn't always go your way, you are not going to be everybody's box of chocolates.
By longdong at 31,May,17 23:49 other posts of longdong 
Well spoken Bella love you're Reality it actually makes me hard and humbled

By RealTitsLover at 31,May,17 09:11 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Yeah, I don't make a big deal out of it or blacklist them or anything. Though I do find it hard to believe that none of the guys who've done it saw the polite request in my description not to...
By bella! at 31,May,17 09:19 other posts of bella! 
Perhaps they didn't read your polite request.

By longdong at 31,May,17 23:47 other posts of longdong 
Well said

By longdong at 31,May,17 23:52 other posts of longdong 
Love it babygirl

By longdong at 31,May,17 23:53 other posts of longdong 
Love it Bella so hot and true

By bjuk at 31,May,17 18:00 other posts of bjuk 
ValentinoBoss is a dickhead and a weirdo

By chubbyloves at 31,May,17 17:42 other posts of chubbyloves 
what is normal for , might be weirdo for others. Some times you meet people that have a fetish for something you don't think is normal. What ever butters your bread. Don't like it, don't do it

By eddieram at 31,May,17 08:29 other posts of eddieram 
I haven't found that, most people who have messaged me have been really friendly and nice.
By HotFuckerBoy at 31,May,17 16:54 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Same here, everyone has been great!

By JustWill at 31,May,17 10:16 other posts of JustWill 
Define "weirdo", please.
I mean...I KNOW what the word means...just not quite sure what YOU think makes someone a weirdo.
It's all about perspective.

By phart at 31,May,17 09:11 other posts of phart 
we are all normal until we get to know each other.

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