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Rate yourself and/or your best/worst partner

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Started by RealTitsLover at 10,Jul,17 09:15  other posts of RealTitsLover
In your opinion, what you rate yourself and/or your best and worst partners out of 10?

An overall rating is cool, but if you wanna get more in-depth, feel free to add any of these...
-Quality of Sex

(if you add that last one, it'd be nice to include body type and bra/cock size)

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By JustinJay at 10,Jul,17 18:53 other posts of JustinJay 
Ok as far as myself, hmm I am not really conceited or stuck up so I'm going to say average looks probably a 6/10. As far as my sex skills this is a hard one. I have been told by one woman that I was blessed by the penis God's and if you read my blog you will see where a woman I was with for 14 years only had vaginal orgasm a from sex with me about a half a dozen times in that time span without a vibratory or dildo but during a separation that we had she said she could orgasm very easy with someone she was getting with for a few weeks just based on the fact that his penis was about an inch longer but she said more importantly thicker and made her feel full whatever that means. After her discovering that and us getting back together and her saying that yes I was a bit thin for her to get there easily as she put it we got a cyberskin pink dildo and we would switch off between me and it when we would get to fucking and she would definitely cum so hard on that thing I would see literally her ass hole tense up and colvulse as I was fucking her with a the dildo and she would roll her eyes back. I would go to stop and she would say no no no don't stop I'm going again, and she would. After which I would fuck her and go to cum inside her to finish off and I sweat she was so hot literally inside that I loved the feel of her. Later after years she admitted to never cheating but being frustrated because her previous pa the before me was thicker and she could orgasm and then the guy during our separation could make her do that too but with me it wax difficult. She said I had decent length was was the thinnest hard out of the 12 people she had been with. So me not minding we j at got the toy and she said it felt very much like a real cock and I wax happy top. point is she must had been unhappy for about 8 years before we had our temporary separation and later telling me that yes size does make a difference and I was too small for her. I felt dumb because I could get her off orally but never with sex unless she had a vibe on her clit. I had no idea she could orgasm vaginally. Oh well. So, if this is true, I see myself as not being up to par to satisfy so I rate myself a 3/10.

As far as the best partner, it would be the first girl I came in, she was16 and I was18. She got on the pill so at the time I could cum in her and get hard again almost instantly and full her with Cima gain. Not to sound like some **** creep but God damn her virgin 16 year old wet pussy was amazing. Feeling her spasm around me, oh my God. She learned skills quick and also later gave great anal and amazing head.

I have had some lousy partners too. One that had three kids and to be honest, her pussy wax beautiful looking ansld she would get so wet the wettest I had ever seen, but I could barely feel anything. I will would bottom out length wise but she was so loose I actually faked orgasm in many times. But thinking out what my recent ex said maybe the problem was me??

The absolute best partner though which I am ashamed to say only because of what I described earlier her knowing that she needed a thicker cock to get off, and I didn't do it for her... I **** to admit but it was this very woman who was hands down the best. Oral, amazing swallow evwry time . Anal and let me cum in her ass, no problem. Vaginal, no problem. She could take all of my cock length wide balls deep and let me cum in her. She would get perfectly wet, with a little spot on her panties. And despite her saying I wax thin, she had a great womanly body, curvy but not fat, a great ass, great nice tits, and a gorgeous pussy that was wet and snug. Not like super super uncomfortable tight but very snug and when she would use her Pack muscles it would squeeze me very hard. Even if I used to be he larger cyberskin dildo on her for a good vigorous 15 mins when I would enter her to finish off and cum in her she was still very snug. I mean you could tell she was a little looser but still hugged me great. Her texture inside was silky smooth but little ribs. Hell, even her ex said she had an "amazing pussy that makes your balls ache thinking about". I guess I was a lucky man from, 21-36 to be able to feel her come on my dick (with the help of a clit vibe) and get woken up with my cock in her mouth. Oh, get this... She admitted to giving head to about 14 "guys before her and I were together and she said for the most part she actually LIKED the taste of cum. Her ultimate fantasy was a MFM threesome which would have been hot but she was afraid of the emotional back lash and issues later on. So we never did. But God she loved her rabbit vibe and later on that cyberskin thick cock dildo. She would get wet, fuck me to loosen her up then I would fuck her in different positions with that dildo and my God she would shake, scream, drip, and almost pass out. Then I would get to fuck her while she used a vibe to get her off again she would contract around me and I swear it felt like her pussy was sucking me in. And I would cum in her. She also let me cum on her face, tits, ass, back, she loved when I would cum a lot then rub it all over her. Ok I'm hard and oozing precum. Yes it wax THAT good!
By RealTitsLover at 12,Jul,17 22:36 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Haha, wow, that was an interesting post. I'm impressed by how honest you are about certain things. You seem to be the opposite of me, as far as thickness. Every single girl's been tighter than necessary for me and has needed to be loosened up beforehand to avoid hurting them. They've all told me I was the thickest they'd been with, and they often walk funny afterward. It amuses me when a girl boasts about how tight she is, because I've never felt one that wasn't.

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