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Women who enjoy being degraded and sexually objectified after abuse.

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Started by Angelofdeath at 21,Jul,17 04:11  other posts of Angelofdeath
I've noticed a trend with certain female members on this site that say they like to be demeaned, such as refering to themselves or allowing others to

refer to them as whores, sluts, cunts, fuck toys and etc. Or they enjoy being objectified in pictures and degraded by being pissed on, chocked, spit on, shit on and so. I know of one former member that liked this behavior but was also very vocal about abuse of some type in her past. Ive also had interactions with others that liked this stuff or with others that have talked to so and so and they told them they were hurt either sexually, mentally, or physically. Then there are those who have no nude pictures up, but are fine with having their face on display and have also claimed abuse previously. I am not trying to put anyone down who have had this stuff happen but I don't get it. You would think being degraded would be tramatic in some way. Again not my intention to upset anyone but just trying to get a better understanding.

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By Andthisisme at 21,Jul,17 18:18 other posts of Andthisisme 
I am as puzzled by this as you are. Over the years I have had a number of female members contact me, in fact I had one just the other day. Basically they are asking me to treat them like a sex object/a whore and 'demean and degrade' them either in my messages or in comments. As in all such cases I politely replied that I am not 'that man'.

By JustWill at 21,Jul,17 12:25 other posts of JustWill 
You left out the women (and, less frequently, men) who are in abusive (mental, physical and/or emotional) relationships but keep going back because "I LOVE him/her".
Such behavior is a sign of psychological damage, for the most part, and there are dozens of reasons why it happens--all specific to that individual and their particular circumstances.
Some people believe that they DESERVE to be treated in that fashion.
Others feel that, by instigating the abusive behavior, that puts them in a position of control.
It is also possible that, due to a long history of abusive treatment, they have come to associate it with the good feelings that happen with sexual contact. They think it is NORMAL--that it is how they are supposed to feel.
The human brain is a strange machine.
By Angelofdeath at 21,Jul,17 12:30 other posts of Angelofdeath 
I did. It was late when I wrote that. II appreciate your feedback. I just find this to be very sad.

By RealTitsLover at 21,Jul,17 15:44 other posts of RealTitsLover 
If it happens from a young age, it's even more likely to do that (cause them to associate it with the good feelings that happen with sexual contact). Without knowing how wrong it is at the time, they can start to actually enjoy and even want it on some level. Maybe even ask for it. Similar to what you said, reflecting on their own actions can make them feel like they deserve it, even when they don't want it. Then as they get older, if they manage to realize how fucked up it was, they feel like something must be wrong with them, wanting or asking for something like that. They feel guilty about the way they acted, even though they were too young to know any better. That guilt can keep them from confronting the people that @bused them, out of fear that the abusers will remind them how much they sometimes seemed to want it.

What they need to understand is that kĄds don't know any better, and they couldn't have been expected to. I think there should be a little more leeway for teenagers that are within a few years of each other's age, but other than that - there's a reason why statutory r@pe doesn't require any physical f0rce or blackmail or anything to be considered r@pe. Sex can be even more exciting and appealing at a young age - just think about how many kids fantasize about sex with their teachers.

It's perfectly normal for them to feel that way, but kids don't have the mental capacity to consent to sexual acts with adults. They couldn't possibly grasp the ways it will affect their lives in the future. All the consequenses it can have on them emotionally and sexually, especially with future relationships. That's why it's up the adult to know better, and to realize how wrong it would be to take advantage of that for their own sexual gratification.

By bella! at 21,Jul,17 14:07 other posts of bella! 
I don't get it! I don't get it! I DON'T get it!

I have a difficult time believing that any person, man or woman, enjoys being degraded, demeaned, de-anything! The *SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT SOMEONE* thread reflected that at least one man was incapable of saying something nice about women.

The human brain is certainly a strange machine!
By RealTitsLover at 21,Jul,17 15:28 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I know it's hard to make sense of, because it's not rational behavior... I seem to have a way of attracting girls that have been sexually @bused. Not that it bothers me, since I feel like I can treat them the way they deserve to be treated. It definitely makes me wonder, though, what it is about me that makes them feel so strongly. It's been happening my whole life, starting with my first girlfriend at 12. She was being raped every week by her uncle, and was deathly afraid of him. I convinced her to tell her family the day after I found out, and he ended up in prison for 15 years.

I have known many victims of abuse who were extra cautious, which should be perfectly understandable to anyone, since that's the normal reaction you would expect from someone with no good reason to trust men. I've also come to understand some of the reasons for those who seem to crave more abuse, though they usually lose interest in me before it goes anywhere. It's a very complex issue. There's a lot of factors there, many that they will never reveal openly. That's because the ones that wanna be treated like shit often think they deserve it on some level, usually because they feel a lot of shame or guilt. Either for enjoying it (picture having an orgasm every time you're @bused, over a long period of time), for what they put up with, or for not trying harder to seek help.

There's been at least fifteen girls/women on here that wanted nothing to do with me (usually before I even decide if I could be into them) because I wouldn't be degrading enough for their taste. With them, asking what they might want sexually was an instant turn-off. To a point, I can understand wanting to be used as a sexual object, since I can see the appeal in a girl doing whatever she wants without worrying about whether I'm enjoying it or not. None of that's actually abusive or painful, or even something I'm not into, though, and asking what I want sexually is never a turn-off. I don't have any way of knowing whether these girls/women were @bused or not, since only one has actually wanted to keep talking as friends.

By phart at 21,Jul,17 13:52 other posts of phart 
I have to admit,the whole idea of degrading a woman seems counter productive at the very least.Not even considering the damage to their moral,and mental state.

If I encountered a woman that wanted to be degraded,I would not peruse anything but the door.
A woman that considers her self a whore is no interest to me anyhow.
It is bad enough for them to drink and dope and ruin themselves but to want others to participate? naw,not my cup of tea.

Why would I want to tell a woman her puss stinks for example if I am trying to get myself in a position to munch on it? DUH? or your tits are to small when that is what I like to start with,small tits?
Just seems counter productive.
At the same time, I aint going to roll out the red carpet for them to just go take a pee either. I would treat a woman as I want to be treated,with reasonable respect.
If they can't do that,again i would pursue the door.

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