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Started by AussieMan187 at 29,Aug,17 06:51  other posts of AussieMan187
I was just watching some freaky shit on facebook.

Anyone here believe in ghosts/spirits/poltergeist's/spectre's? Share your experience or post something related. Scare the shit out of everyone.

This is what I was watching:
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By cardinal at 22,Nov,17 10:11 other posts of cardinal 
Forgot to mention there was another night I exsperienced, where I was lying in bed and heard a beastly growl next to me then I heard it scurry down the stairs, and another one a bit imberassing where I was masturbating too a tv reporter on the news I mean she was'nt your usual tv reporter, she had the biggeist breast I ever seen beside watching porn but I did'nt watch porn back then..anyway all of a sudden my muscles seem to have froze up I could'nt move then a (grey) alien was standing at the foot of my bed just stairing like it was exsperiencing what I was feeling, such as fear,curiousness, awe..then in a blink of an eye it morphed into a fox like creature like it was trying to put me at ease then it disapeared..if I did'nt have a witness of my own like my moms that one time I'd think I was cracking.

By leopoldij at 20,Nov,17 15:53 other posts of leopoldij 
I took a look at the video. My reactions were: funny, boring.

Take a look at how you can create a video with a ghost. Just an example.

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If you don't like the video, you'll probably like the cute tune!
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Let me amuse you more. Trust me, you'll be amused.
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Maybe a book?
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By AussieMan187 at 21,Nov,17 01:41 other posts of AussieMan187 
I like the lighter trick... I know there's people out there that like to take a lot of videos. But there are also a small percentage of what I believe to be genuine experiences. I've seen things man. Years before i met Lix, she doesn't believe me. But i know what I saw, it's never left me after all these years...
By leopoldij at 21,Nov,17 05:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Hmm....You saw something? Ok,that's interesting but I'm quite skeptical and so is she.

By #543986 at 21,Nov,17 11:22
I lived in a house for 18 years that was also occupied by 3 distinct spirits.They were neither friendly or unfriendly,they were just there.the house at the time was roughly 90 years old and after I moved out at the age of 18 I found out 3 people had died in this house roughly 5 0r 6 years after it was built.
By AussieMan187 at 21,Nov,17 19:15 other posts of AussieMan187 
Does it feel unnerving knowing those things are lurking about?
By #543986 at 21,Nov,17 20:34
It did the odd time , Nothing hurts us ...wife and I , actually it grows on you...No not unnerving at all...this is not for everyone as not everyone would actually experience it...Good on ya ...you could have benn picked as someone who would understand ...AT LEAST TRY TO...

By cardinal at 21,Nov,17 20:22 other posts of cardinal 
When I was a boy I witnessed a skeletal black hooded figure pointing at me floating at the top of my bed,mom quoted scripture and it gave a be wildered look and dispeared..till this day I'am haunted hearing voice's screams sometimes will have scratches that spelled out haha on my arm,plates move across the table and my reflection in the mirror would look at me with a feindish grin as I got weak and really thin alot of that's passed me now sometimes though I still hear voices.

By licksipsuckit at 20,Nov,17 15:00 other posts of licksipsuckit 
you know l don't believe in ghosts, or the paranormal, there is always a rational explanation for most things, and there is always someone that thinks they see things or hear things where there is nothing... houses creek at night from expansion and contraction of the timbers, shadows seem like bigger scarier things when it might just be a bug or spider, and peoples imaginations run wild with trying to rational whats going on around them in the dark *lix*
By leopoldij at 20,Nov,17 15:45 other posts of leopoldij 
I like the way you think.

By AussieMan187 at 20,Nov,17 17:48 other posts of AussieMan187 
Some things cannot be explained. I've seen things. I know you don't believe me, but I was there & I know what I saw. My family has a history of weird unexplained shit happening. & to you Leo, yes videos & pictures can be faked. In knowing that you must be critical when you watch these videos. I don't believe everything I see. & you lix, you believe in aliens & UFOs, but not spirits. That just seems ridiculous. Humans have only just begun to delve into the world of science & there's so much more to discover. You don't have to believe anything. But i've had experiences, so I believe.
By licksipsuckit at 21,Nov,17 01:53 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah my ghost turned out to be some weirdo wanking his jizz all over me at night while l slept, when l finally did tell someone l thought l had a ghost and felt like a real dick for saying it, the next week l 'caught' my ghost with his pants down and my handbag tucked under his arm... fucking ghost busted him with a brick while l was running down the road half naked ... *lix*
By AussieMan187 at 21,Nov,17 19:17 other posts of AussieMan187 
Just because you had some weirdo knocking the top off of it while you were asleep, still doesn't mean ghosts aren't real.

By phart at 20,Nov,17 18:53 other posts of phart 
There will always be something we can't fully understand or explain. You know we only use a low percentage of our brains from what the scientist tell us. So who is to say that some folks are using slightly more or less than others and have the "gifts" as some call them whereas we all might could see or do things if we knew how?
As for aliens,it would take a damn fool that lived under a rock for 40 years to think we are the ONLY living beings in the universe not to mention being capable of leaving our planets. The God most of us believe in could have just as easily created other planets with life. Or as some may believe,2 blobs of goo merged and made living cells on other planets that became intelligent beings. Either explanation could apply.
As for being able to ever see a alien, if everything else in the universe is about the same age as earth, I doubt other beings have evolved enough to venture out any further than we have from the nest.
But if there are aliens,I hope the females have small boobs and are smart!
By AussieMan187 at 21,Nov,17 01:32 other posts of AussieMan187 
People can believe what they want. I personally believe in ghosts, aliens, UFO's. I find that stuff fascinating. It's such a taboo subject, that people are too afraid to talk about it or just straight up don't believe it. If you've ever watched science documentaries they theorise the possibilities & come up with some credible stuff, or at least they open your mind & help you have an understanding of these mysteries. The universe is so huge, which allows for the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. But what if this isn't the only dimension? What if these spirits some people see are static from other dimensions or a tear in the fabric of time? There's so much we haven't even come close to discovering yet. That is what makes the future so exciting. Because we will eventually discover these secrets.

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