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How big of a load can you shoot after not shooting for days?

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Started by #436014 at 29,Aug,17 16:13
Like, twice as much as your usual 1-day amount? How big is your load after how many days? I shoot a nice big 2-day load but usually don't go much longer than 2 days because my cock starts to call too much attention to itself by then.

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By JohnnySyxx at 03,Apr,19 11:07 other posts of JohnnySyxx 

After 3 days

By onthelose at 11,Oct,18 12:24 other posts of onthelose 
Ahh to be young again.... later in life you will be lucky if you get to cum. The amount is irrelevant.

By #567349 at 11,Oct,18 09:20
5 days . 5 to 7 full shots. but every day can cum 4 to 5 shots as i have at least one that sucks me off they want the cum load.

By Eerect at 09,Mar,18 10:08 other posts of Eerect 
Gallons of the stuff!I came in a girls mouth and shot shot so much so hard it came out of her nose!
By leopoldij at 09,Mar,18 19:29 other posts of leopoldij 
The best thing is if the girl gets oral, aural and nasal. Cum in all orifices. .........

By oraljoeforu at 24,Sep,17 14:40 other posts of oraljoeforu 
yeah a few times years ago I would go downtown in Stockton California.See a hot chick walking the streets, pick her up and get some head. When I am very excited I cum a bunch. If I get close a few times and then cum I can flood a mouth. There where several times when I came they acted very surprised they got that much of a load. They asked if I had been saving that one and I told them no, I was excited
By leopoldij at 09,Mar,18 19:28 other posts of leopoldij 
You see a hot chick walking in Stockton, you pick her up and her a head. Sounds like you're picking prostitutes. Fine with me, but I can't believe there are non prostitute girls who do that. If I'm mistaken, please let me know, I'm coming to Stockton next.

By inwood at 13,Sep,17 21:05 other posts of inwood 
if I don't cum for a few days (which is rare), I can suddenly cum buckets and through controlled breathing I can shoot it REALLY far
By cruz69696969 at 09,Mar,18 03:48 other posts of cruz69696969 
For me it never mattered, when I'm hot I'm hot and when I'm not well you know. And yea your cock is hot

By xxx25 at 10,Oct,17 04:20 other posts of xxx25 

By brian2 at 22,Sep,17 05:26 other posts of brian2 

Saved it up for 4-5 days. Worth it though, I think.

By ilovemydick at 21,Sep,17 13:11 other posts of ilovemydick 

I saved my cum for 3 days before shooting this video.

By HungJack1999 at 21,Sep,17 09:13 other posts of HungJack1999 

This was my 4th ejaculation of the night, and I had already done a few loads in the morning. The reason it's clear is because I ran out of sperm, but I still produced a huge volume of fluid!

I'll have to go a day without cumming and see how much I can get in one load.

By Lenatur at 21,Sep,17 02:39 other posts of Lenatur 
My Shot Yesterday, ! befor 2 day s without cumming !

By IloveForeskin at 20,Sep,17 10:46 other posts of IloveForeskin 
This is a 7 day load of mine!


By 61-69 at 20,Sep,17 10:37 other posts of 61-69 
It's difficult to say how much and how far when you come inside someone, but the three biggest loads I remember were, a rather large girl holding a vibrator on the underside of my cock head and lightly stroking my oiled balls while I was wearing a really tight cock ring, I almost hit the ceiling! Second was my first visit to a gay sauna after sucking and playing with a guy. He was playing with my balls and arsehole from behind while squeezing my nipples as I wanked. I came really hard, halfway across the room. Third, and possibly biggest was the same sauna. A guy considerably smaller than me laid on the couch with me on top, sucking my cock, then he slid under and started tonguing my arsehole as I was wanking myself and, reaching behind, wanking him. He could tell I was ready to come and asked if I wanted to shoot on him, silly question! Anyway, he wanked me off straight into his face, fuck, it was about 9 spurts, really powerful, his face was totally covered. I think he was a bit shocked but didn't stop til every last drop was out. Thinking about all this has made me VERY horny, I hope my girl is back soon.

By Scottbill69 at 20,Sep,17 08:03 other posts of Scottbill69 
Its is bigger and often stronger if I can miss a day or two , but I am a decent cummer anyway

By #539358 at 20,Sep,17 07:12
I don't make loads and I'm not a long distance, but allegedly it tastes very nice!

By #526613 at 20,Sep,17 06:15
A decent amount

By Ingot at 14,Sep,17 12:08 other posts of Ingot 
that's a REALLY good way to describe it 828, i shoot it out in strings or pulses or "ropes"

i prefer to shoot it inside a skull however

also prefer it be done by someone else. nothing like a hands free orgasm.
By #526613 at 15,Sep,17 19:26
Halloween fetish

By kebmo at 06,Sep,17 21:16 other posts of kebmo 
Enough to surprise a mouth.

By #536760 at 14,Sep,17 00:48
But could you surprise North Korea!
By kebmo at 14,Sep,17 10:58 other posts of kebmo 
I'd sure love to surprise that woman that reads the news on NK TV !!

By MrBone at 14,Sep,17 00:05 other posts of MrBone 
I try to jack off every day. Usually a tablespoon full of cum. Went a week and I think I got a 1/4 cup.

By leopoldij at 13,Sep,17 17:36 other posts of leopoldij 
The hottest thing is to shoot a big load inside an unsuspected mouth giving you a blowjob.

By talk4s at 13,Sep,17 13:16 other posts of talk4s 
I could launch on North Korea!

By #527431 at 06,Sep,17 21:35
I don't know ....

By #540883 at 06,Sep,17 20:59
4-5 THICK ropes. I make an absolute mess! My daily load is messy enough!

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