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Balls licked?

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Started by admin at 06,Oct,17 11:20  other posts of admin
Well, I created a question of the day some time ago about that and now men are answering it. I'm surprised to see that most of men answer "yes" to the question "Do you like your balls licked during oral". I wonder if all those people actually had such an experience and really liked it or they just fantasizing and assuming they would like it. I know that it's not what the question is, but it's obvious from past answers that people often answer them not from real experience, but as they assume they would feel about it.

The matter is - I had sex with several women who tried to lick my balls and I never liked it. It was not in any way pleasant for me, yet it might be ticklish or even straightforward unpleasant, with an occasional sense of danger of being hurt any moment. So I created that question to see how other feel about it and I expected the answers to be at least 50/50, since I do not think I'm so unique and also it's a fact that there is no pleasure sensors in the testicles. The only zone there that can sense pleasure is raphe of the scrotum. Yet I see predominantly "yes" answers. Which is quite befuddling to me.

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By shackles at 13,Oct,17 00:17 other posts of shackles 
I might actually prefer having my balls and under shaft licked more than having my cock sucked. It's really a close call for me.

By RealTitsLover at 11,Oct,17 07:12 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I thought there would be more disgusting pics posted here for no reason at all. Though maybe I'm just lucky to have certain people blocked because the number of posts it says there is doesn't match how many I see... I don't really know much about having my balls licked, so much as seeing them in a girl's mouth. If you're only asking about licking, just ignore the rest of this...

I'm very visual, so how hot something looks does a lot for me. I'd find it gross with a bunch of hair involved, but I keep all that trimmed. (Mine are never loose when turned on either, so maybe that's related to how it's never felt unpleasant.) I only enjoy it when they want and crave it, like I am with getting a blowjob. If it looks like she's doing it to make me feel good, like she's doing me a favor, I prefer to just switch to something more enjoyable for both of us. When she's clearly turned on by having my balls in her mouth, then it's a huge turn-on for me to see it.

It's not really about the physical sensation I feel from having them sucked on that makes it enjoyable (though it does feel better than having my nipples sucked), it's about her wanting and me seeing her pretty lips wrapped around 'em and how naughty it seems that really does it for me. Maybe this is partially due to the guys that don't enjoy it, like yourself, but it's not something ladies talk about often, so hearing one say something like "Mmm... god, I love your balls" makes the girl seem so bad, and just plain hot to me... If I'm being honest, something I find even hotter involving them is when a girl rubs 'em (and/or my cock) with every inch of her face.
By admin at 11,Oct,17 08:05 other posts of admin 
I can understand this. I think it's pretty much the same as with anal sex with women. For most of guys it's worse than vaginal in terms of physical sensations, but they still love it for other reasons.
By RealTitsLover at 12,Oct,17 21:46 other posts of RealTitsLover 
So that's what anal's about for guys, being naughty? I've never been able to understand what straight guys find sexy about it - unless it was about a tighter hole, which is the last thing I need/want... I understand it can be very enjoyable for some girls, so I've always been willing to try it, if they really want it and think they can handle it, but I don't exactly fit in there. Even with plenty of practice using toys on her own beforehand, the one girl that insisted she could handle it changed her mind as soon as I got the head in...

By leopoldij at 11,Oct,17 13:52 other posts of leopoldij 
*I* actually like it. I'm having my balls licked, regularly, and taken in her mouth. It feels good, that's all I can say. Maybe the sensors are not there but, psychologically, I like it seeing a woman take them in her mouth. Here are some pics verifying what I'm claiming (all pics taken by me):

By #543031 at 11,Oct,17 09:45
I love having my balls licked, so much in fact that I almost prefer it to having my cock sucked!! I like having my balls sucked too, but my wife says they're too big to get in her mouth!!
By leopoldij at 11,Oct,17 13:49 other posts of leopoldij 
FInd one with a bigger mouth.

By jaxsurf at 08,Oct,17 09:51 other posts of jaxsurf 
I love mine to be licked when they are hanging low

By HotFuckerBoy at 07,Oct,17 22:57 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
I love when my GF licks my balls, feels great and it's sexy. Honestly when I seen the question, I thought to myself, "What guy doesn't like that?", but now I see some don't, but to each thier own

By 61-69 at 07,Oct,17 04:03 other posts of 61-69 
I love having them licked. No one ever did it when they were hairy though. I've licked balls myself but probably wouldn't have if they'd been hairy.

By routemaster at 07,Oct,17 03:55 other posts of routemaster 
I have had my balls licked MANY TIMES and I thoroughly enjoy it

By Lenatur at 06,Oct,17 23:48 other posts of Lenatur 
THX Lady !

By cody8789 at 06,Oct,17 23:25 other posts of cody8789 
I had mine licked a couple of times and didn't like it probably because I new it would lead to sucking and the once or twice I had them sucked, it hurt me and I lost my erection, so sorry guys and girls, just regular sex for me

By licksipsuckit at 06,Oct,17 22:48 other posts of licksipsuckit 

licking aussiemans hairy balls *lix*

By Willum at 06,Oct,17 13:38 other posts of Willum 
My scrotum is almost always tight and therefor easy to lick without moving my balls around too much . I have had them licked and sucked when low and loose and it was not pleasant for me .

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