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How to delete a comment I have posted on someone's page? Or stop non members from reading comment I have posted

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Started by J1031 at 14,Oct,17 23:39  other posts of J1031
Is it possible to do either one

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New Comment

By admin at 15,Oct,17 07:18 other posts of admin 
It's legacy code from times when the site was much simpler. Frankly no one ever asked so I never changed it. It's not so hard to make a possibility to delete comments that were not replied to. If a comment was replied to it's my general policy not to allow to delete them because it may lead to confusions.

As bella pointed out there is a privacy setting that makes such comments visible only to the page owner and to you. Other members or non-members will not be able to see such comments. You can't change it after you posted the comment, it can be set only when you post it. That option only available for comments on images, not on the wall.

I have now updated the code so that you can delete your comments if they were not replied to.
By bella! at 15,Oct,17 08:31 other posts of bella! 
Your English skills are super so maybe it is my comprehension skills that are lacking.

You say that you have updated something to allow "me" to delete a comment [on a picture] if it was not replied to? Hmmmm......I just looked and I don't see that option.

There have been several times that I posted a comment and left out an important word that changes the entire thought behind my comment as well as times that I just misspell something and I wish I could correct it. So are you indicating that if I comment on a picture and 10 days later I have not received a reply, I can go in and delete my comment? Please show me where this option is, thank you.
--------------------------------------- added after 17 minutes

Never mind, I see the [Delete] option on comment that I just posted. Thank you.
By admin at 15,Oct,17 08:47 other posts of admin 
Forgot about some variable visibility scope. [Delete] should be visible now.
By bella! at 15,Oct,17 08:50 other posts of bella! 
Ha! I was in the process of posting while you were responding to me. Thanks again.

By bella! at 15,Oct,17 00:59 other posts of bella! 
Unfortunately, there is no way for you to delete or edit acomment that you post to another member's pictures or on another member's wall. HOWEVER, admin has provided us with a privacy feature when commenting on a member's pictures. There's a box marked PRIVATE* that is located in the upper left-hand corner of the New Comment box, just above the various emoticons.

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