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How to get attention?

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Started by likestolook at 10,Mar,18 10:32  other posts of likestolook
How do you get people to look at your page and leave comments? I used to get comments but not anymore.

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New Comment

By CountryCouple54 at 12,Mar,18 21:58 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Put a bunch of fake girls on your page. Claim that they are your friends and have given you consent to do so. Say that you love real tits and are against fake tits. And enter those fake girls in all the contests. Disrespect all the real girls on this site. And you will be on your way. Oh by the way, I have had way too much to drink.
By t-rex at 12,Mar,18 22:05 other posts of t-rex 

By Angelofdeath at 20,Mar,18 15:07 other posts of Angelofdeath 
Donít forget to claim a female member wants you to find another chick for a threesome she wants and is footing the bill for airfare and a room; because sheís a super rich nurse from New York and you saved her life. But she canít show pics of her body cause her parents forced her into **** with her siblings and made vids of it and sheís famous but thereís a avatar with her face in it. Oh yeah be sure to cry a lot and complain that youíre drunk and they broke your heart when they ask you to take the pics down.

By licksipsuckit at 16,Mar,18 21:25 other posts of licksipsuckit 
there is no formula, you can do what others do and send all your pics to everyone in your friend list or whom you've ever spoken too.. and hope they open them.. l exhaust myself trying to acknowledge everyone that comes to my page, but that takes lots of time.. use the banner or image bid to advertise your pics, and posting pics that are not the norm, l know when l look at the recent pics pages, l avoid close up cock shots and zero in on the arse shots and full body shots, or ones that stand out from the crowd...its a process and theres only ever a hundred or so people on site at any one time, and not everyone is interested in the same things *lix*

By wmw6cut at 16,Mar,18 19:31 other posts of wmw6cut 
i've found that u have to look and leave comments to others to get the same love back

By pifad at 10,Mar,18 12:37 other posts of pifad 
Like pics, comment, respond to forum and blogs and most of all initiate some banter. PM me anytime. Btw, your cock and ass are super sexy
By #549651 at 10,Mar,18 19:11
Agreed. The site has evolved to be even more interactive than it once was. You can be as involved or as disconnected as you like. The choice is yours. The more involved you are the more attention you will draw to yourself. Of course, positive involvement and interaction is going to be your best bet. It's not just about putting yourself in the banner. You need to be creative with your pix, be thoughtful in your postings, and also acknowledge and appreciate others.
By pifad at 10,Mar,18 22:24 other posts of pifad 

By #482237 at 12,Mar,18 11:20
it's so true,,,if you want to be popular, you have to engage,,and in a positive way,,
By #549651 at 12,Mar,18 14:31
Well said, two!

By PoloFields at 12,Mar,18 16:43 other posts of PoloFields 
Yes on positive. The old line about attracting more flies with honey than vinegar? Someone who comes in with a bunch of negatives or is generally overbearing gets a one-way ticket to my ignore list. But hop in the water and participate, and who knows what will happen.

By likestolook at 10,Mar,18 20:52 other posts of likestolook 
Sounds good thanks for the tips. I will try all the suggestions. And I guess it makes sense cause I kind of dropped off for a bit and when I came back is when I noticed I didnít hear from people as much. I need to put myself out there more. I guess even putting up this discussion would qualify as putting it out there. Kind of feel a little naughty.

By leopoldij at 10,Mar,18 14:04 other posts of leopoldij 
Just be active and post a variety of pics, not a variation of the same theme. Post pussy too since you fuck women. Then you'll attract lots.

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