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Started by houghton at 01,May,18 21:40  other posts of houghton
can anybody kindly tell me how i can make my foreskin wider so that i can put thing in it to strech it.

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By Lenatur at 07,May,18 01:37 other posts of Lenatur 
Top Tool for Streching wide !

By #555950 at 02,May,18 14:28
I dislike my foreskin i rather be circumcised
By houghton at 05,May,18 08:00 other posts of houghton 
and why is that then.i like my foreskin.

By foreskinlover52 at 03,May,18 13:39 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Theres nothing wrong with your foreskin! It is perfect and so sexy!
By houghton at 03,May,18 19:01 other posts of houghton 
thanks glad you like it

By #539358 at 03,May,18 10:10
Your foreskin looks perfect to me, the same as mine. I'd leave perfection as it is!
By houghton at 03,May,18 13:26 other posts of houghton 
ok i will leave it just the way it is

By Boylover at 02,May,18 20:44 other posts of Boylover 
IŽd recommend you get cut: then youŽre done with too tight foreskin right away. I got cut at age 27, and never regret it. Should have had it done much earlier.

By uncutjoy at 02,May,18 18:48 other posts of uncutjoy 
How small is the opening in the foreskin? Can you see the meatus? If so, you may start with a Q-Tip to start the stretching process...if bigger, then try to push the glans through the opening by pulling back on the foreskin...there should be some discomfort, but not too painful.

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