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Another from the Great State of O-H-I-O...

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Prostate massager with a remote control that has 10 different speeds/vibe combos! I don't use it all the time, but a nice change of pace.

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I am smaller than average, natural and grew up in the USA. Anytime I find another cock that looks like mine, especially with a tight foreskin, I can't help but look. Until the internet came along, I didn't know there were others like me and I now see the whole world has cocks like mine!

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c-10 for me!

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Just under 4 inches, rock hard. if you like it, please let me know!

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Small Uncut Here!

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A little shrinkage

At Full Attention!

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This is the farthest I can pull it back when hard

This is when I'm soft...enjoy the view!

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I like the warm feeling as it soaks everything! Love a woman to pee on me!

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Small, but mighty!

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I'm 3.75 inches rock hard

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Having a tight foreskin, I prefer her to start with my foreskin nipple, gently insert tongue and use it along with her lips to work the foreskin back super slowly, so I can feel the skin being stretched as it strains against my blood filled cock head! Ever since forced retraction as a child and the pain, I've had a thing for tight foreskin retraction.

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I usually never retract to pee unless I need to get some distance, then I'll pull back my tight foreskin and frenulum so my urethra streams it a long distance.

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Why would I want to desensitize? My foreskin coverage keeps the glans nice and sensitive for maximum pleasure!

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A couple that I know of, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Ohio Stadium (portable trough for game days).

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As requested...limp and fully covered with foreskin

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I've got full coverage until I push the skin back. I'm very proud of my acroposthion!

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Mine will stay back on its own, but too sensitive to let rub on things all day

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I'm very proud of my little dick!

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The list isn't complete without some of the grass roots of Metal, Black Sabbath.
Tony Iommi is sublime for belting out chords that rattle the bones! And Ozzy's voice just competes the sound.

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More Girth than Length...what do you think?

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I've pulled my foreskin back for you to enjoy my swollen head!

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Small too

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I could NOT have said this better!!

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Wow, I want them!

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Soft and to the Side

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I can't help but love me a pair of fragrant panties...I just lose myself

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How small is the opening in the foreskin? Can you see the meatus? If so, you may start with a Q-Tip to start the stretching process...if bigger, then try to push the glans through the opening by pulling back on the foreskin...there should be some discomfort, but not too painful.

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I'd love to read your comments!

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To answer your question, the male ass doesn't do much for me, but I offer mine for you to view.