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Started by Annett4you at 12,Jun,18 05:05  other posts of Annett4you

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New Comment

By addicted at 13,Dec,18 16:40 other posts of addicted 

By Zodiac at 07,Dec,18 09:18 other posts of Zodiac 
By Annett4you at 10,Dec,18 07:52 other posts of Annett4you 
mmmm....i like that!

By LetItOut at 23,Jul,18 07:19 other posts of LetItOut 
My curved up cock.
By Curvedc at 23,Jul,18 16:27 other posts of Curvedc 
Love it
By Annett4you at 10,Nov,18 13:59 other posts of Annett4you 
mmmmm.....so hot!!

By lawrenceo at 08,Dec,18 03:49 other posts of lawrenceo 
There is no doubting the curve on that one. Bet the girls love it.
By MrNormal at 08,Dec,18 08:03 other posts of MrNormal 
Wow! That's nice!

By MrNormal at 08,Dec,18 03:38 other posts of MrNormal 
My wife just had her first curved up cock 2 weeks ago. She freaking loved it...

By LukeAtMe at 10,Nov,18 21:03 other posts of LukeAtMe 
By Annett4you at 07,Dec,18 08:47 other posts of Annett4you 
very sexy cock!

By lawrenceo at 04,Dec,18 05:33 other posts of lawrenceo 
Short but definitely up-curved when hard

By Ablaze at 02,Dec,18 10:51 other posts of Ablaze 

By addicted at 01,Dec,18 01:10 other posts of addicted 

By fatcock66 at 28,Nov,18 19:31 other posts of fatcock66 

By 1972_Kallen at 27,Nov,18 09:41 other posts of 1972_Kallen 

By waters113 at 27,Nov,18 09:03 other posts of waters113 
Hi Annett4you. Love to hear what you think...

By XXXKing808XXX at 26,Nov,18 11:27 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
Im slightly curved lol

By TheApple at 26,Nov,18 05:08 other posts of TheApple 
Annett4you you charmed me hereís mine

By Beercan10 at 24,Nov,18 17:07 other posts of Beercan10 

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 20:44

By #571688 at 10,Nov,18 15:52


By JoeKerr at 01,Aug,18 18:10 other posts of JoeKerr 
Hope this is to your liking
By Annett4you at 08,Aug,18 06:10 other posts of Annett4you 

By cumcouplessa at 08,Aug,18 23:19 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Now THAT is what I call a cock! Rugged, ready for action? Oh my hat, I am Soooooooo wet? 😍

By soharditspurple at 12,Jun,18 22:00 other posts of soharditspurple 
By Annett4you at 13,Jun,18 03:59 other posts of Annett4you 
i love this cock!
By #563745 at 02,Aug,18 12:20

By coop-m at 31,Jul,18 01:50 other posts of coop-m 
By Annett4you at 31,Jul,18 03:46 other posts of Annett4you 

By What-once-was at 16,Jun,18 08:27 other posts of What-once-was 
By Annett4you at 19,Jun,18 05:36 other posts of Annett4you 

By Curvedc at 23,Jul,18 16:29 other posts of Curvedc 

By fatcock66 at 18,Jul,18 14:01 other posts of fatcock66 
By #539358 at 18,Jul,18 14:12
Another perfect cock

By waters113 at 18,Jul,18 12:13 other posts of waters113 
How about this one?

By #539358 at 18,Jul,18 13:19
Oh yes, thatís perfect

By cumcouplessa at 15,Jun,18 23:41 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Nothing better, than a nice, hard, up-curved cock.
By Annett4you at 18,Jul,18 09:40 other posts of Annett4you 
thats right Sweetheart!

By ratmikan at 27,Jun,18 04:34 other posts of ratmikan 
By Annett4you at 11,Jul,18 19:04 other posts of Annett4you 
By ratmikan at 12,Jul,18 13:09 other posts of ratmikan 

By #534895 at 30,Jun,18 01:34
i am in love with CURVED COCK
By Annett4you at 02,Jul,18 03:26 other posts of Annett4you 

By kebmo at 13,Jun,18 05:05 other posts of kebmo 

--------------------------------------- added after 69 hours

Here's why. /blogs/31791.html
By Annett4you at 25,Jun,18 04:17 other posts of Annett4you 

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 01:41

In this pic it got so curved

By Cariusz at 15,Jun,18 12:40 other posts of Cariusz 

By lawrenceo at 15,Jun,18 01:44 other posts of lawrenceo 

Curved-up, hard and ready for your attention

By #539358 at 12,Jun,18 12:43
How about this curved cock?!

By Annett4you at 14,Jun,18 15:45 other posts of Annett4you 

By oldbugle at 13,Jun,18 09:14 other posts of oldbugle 

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