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How much money would you give/take to suck my cock?

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Started by HungJack1999 at 12,Jun,18 12:19  other posts of HungJack1999
So I thought this might be a fun question to ask. How much money would I have to pay you to suck my cock?

Conversely, if you happen to really like my cock, how much money would you be willing to pay me to suck my cock?

Would you pay/require more money if I came in your mouth?

If you havenít seen it, here are a few pictures. Iím 7.5 inches long and 6 inches girth.

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New Comment

By Irish7X5 at 14,Nov,18 02:49 other posts of Irish7X5 
I will suck no money

By allin4oral at 23,Jun,18 13:38 other posts of allin4oral 
hello and short answer is there would never be any money transfer between us. VERY good looking cock but the sucking and cum swallowing would be mutual and cash free.

By Rob00 at 13,Jun,18 01:49 other posts of Rob00 
Hi Jack,I never pay,, I would suck your uncut beauty for free and offer you a free stay at my home,and my reward is for you to shoot your Fresh loads into my mouth to savour,then I would swallow
By HungJack1999 at 13,Jun,18 14:36 other posts of HungJack1999 
Getting to unload my cream into someone is more than enough reward

By bobbies12246 at 18,Jun,18 10:26 other posts of bobbies12246 
I would pay $500.00 to suck a nice size cock

By Oz29 at 16,Jun,18 15:01 other posts of Oz29 
Gladly suck that big boy really well until it explodes with cum,free or a cash bonus, happy anytime if you ever sucked me too

By Onanizer at 12,Jun,18 23:24 other posts of Onanizer 
I would gladly pay you $100 to lick,suck and worship your big cock and balls and beg for your hot sperm and piss and lick you clean
By HungJack1999 at 13,Jun,18 14:36 other posts of HungJack1999 
Wow, really!! Thanks, Iím glad you think Iím worth that!!
By Onanizer at 13,Jun,18 20:22 other posts of Onanizer 
You definitely are Jack!I would only want to serve you and please you

By Blokesecret at 12,Jun,18 18:33 other posts of Blokesecret 
Iíd pay to suck that bad boy! Thatís well worth £50 of anyoneís money to suck that great cock. That money includes swallowing every last drop of your hot sticky load though haha.
By HungJack1999 at 13,Jun,18 14:37 other posts of HungJack1999 
Thanks so much!! Of course, if youíre paying Iíd make sure to feed you every last drop of my precious milk
By Blokesecret at 13,Jun,18 17:37 other posts of Blokesecret 
You should go into business coz I reckon you could earn a fortune charging men like me to suck you off. Iíd definitely pay to swallow every last drop of your hot sticky load.

By knewbi at 12,Jun,18 17:18 other posts of knewbi 
While I never pay for any sexual act I certainly would suck that for free and if you were to cum down my throat I would consider it a bonus!!
By HungJack1999 at 13,Jun,18 14:35 other posts of HungJack1999 
Of course, Iíd love to!!

By Hornygeek at 13,Jun,18 01:02 other posts of Hornygeek 
Hmm I never payed for sex.. You can suck me for free.. Hmm how about we go out... A movie then go dance drink and then I suck you?.. Or 69 as soon as we get back home...

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