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Democrats refuse to vote on relief money unless $35 million goes to Kennedy center

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Started by overeight at 24,Mar,20 12:12  other posts of overeight
Democrats are claiming the virus bailout bill gives to many breaks to corporations,however that isn't the problem according to Republicans trying to get it passed. The reason they aren't agreeing to give Americans the funds is over $35 million to go to the Kennedy center that has in the last few elections frivolously spent its trust on democrats campaigns. So basically they are refusing to give Americans money unless taxpayer money goes to their campaign funds. This shows just how deceptive the democrats are and how much they care about Americans,they will only give money to those who need it if their party gets taxpayers money for their own campaigns because the DNC is broke.

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By Skittles at 31,Mar,20 20:29 other posts of Skittles 
and also took a raise for themselves... sickening.

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 13:48 other posts of overeight 
Bizoac review reported that after the approval of the $25 million of stimulus to the Kennedy center that democrats said was a deal breaker for the stimulus package they announced that they will give their last paychecks to employees April 3 due to coronavirus shutdown but they will still be giving democrats or DNC their normal average $5 million annual donation.

By phart at 24,Mar,20 12:46 other posts of phart 
The whole damn thing is unraveling.

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