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Have you ever been caught masturbating?

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Started by #550700 at 09,Jul,18 06:31
Have you ever been caught masturbating?
My step s.i.S and I were caught 5 months ago by her female cuzzin...we were dressed up....playing dare games and her cuzzin walked downstairs lol....i was hitting the bong...step s.i.S was squating in front of me fingering.hehe...her cuzzin said "u guys r high n naked?wut the fuck lexi" to her was kinda hot

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By Dalesalford at 21,May,19 20:36 other posts of Dalesalford 
Yea got caught a few times, once in a public toilet at 13.... wanking away and just cum when I looked up an realized a man had been watching me over the top of cubicle probably the whole time.
Pulled my trackies up an ran out.
Another time at about 14 wanking in my bedroom, eyes closed with headphones on thinking I was home alone.
Finished an cum.... opened my eyes to see my bedroom door was wide open when I'd shut it.
Went downstairs to find my 16yo Forster bro had come home.
He made a comment "not very big is it?"
I was like "what isn't?" Thinking shit as he seen me?
He pointed in the fridge to a trifle saying he meant that....
I asked how long he'd been home embarrassed praying he'd say he'd just come in.
He said he'd been home about 10 mins....I was like u been upstairs?

Hes like "yea I went to your room to see if you was in...(big smirk across his face) you were busy tho....

By Arng69 at 21,May,19 18:05 other posts of Arng69 
I got caught masterbating 2 months ago by my land lady, I came home from work early I had a card threw the door saying a parcel was delivered next door for m, I went round but no one was in so I came back got shower and put shorts and t shirt on and made something to eat, sitting in lounge watching telly.

By licksipsuckit at 18,Jul,18 05:54 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, too many times to remember, even with aussieman, weve been caught many times out doors pleasuring each other *lix*
By badpenny72 at 21,May,19 05:22 other posts of badpenny72 
Like you I've been caught many times, when you spend that much time at it it stands to reason sooner or later you'll be caught at it.

The two that really stand out though are when I was 20.Started seeing this girl and later the first night we went back to hers. She lived with her mother and sister but due to issues stayed in a caravan in the backyard.

Anyway back to hers, some tea, few joints and some 'getting to know each other' quickly led into both naked and fucking like animals all night. She was 18 but in the last year of high school and I was in college but was off for a few weeks so after dozing for half an hour I had every intention of dragging her back into the bed for an all day session but she was on a trail at school, if she stepped out of line she was gone.

She got out of bed, pulled on my shirt to go into the house for a shower but first cooked some bacon and brewed sone tea. You know that way when a woman is wearing just a shirt it hangs just so as her arse cheeks and thighs are visible below and where it hangs below the last button if it parts you see a flash of bush. Well, horny 20 year old me was sitting up in bed naked and drooling over this girl, it had me so damn hot that 2 mins after she went off indoors for a shower my throbbing cock was in my hand. lol.

I was gping for it, sitting on the bed legs wide open, body rocking and writhing to my wrist rhythm when the caravan door opens and her mother walks in. 😅😅😅😅

Now,I'd love to say she looked shocked initially then her expression revealed how wet her knickers were getting, or that I gave her a cheeky nod on first sight as ropes of jizz spurted from my loins but in truth we both were highly shocked, mortified would be nearer the truth and very embarrassed. Later on, it became a funny story but I have to admit I always felt a bit awkward whenever it was brought up lol.

By badpenny72 at 21,May,19 05:54 other posts of badpenny72 
The second time was maybe 4 or 5 years later. I was living with a girl in a bedsit that at the time was a favourite venue for weekend after weekend of drug fuelled wild parties that would kick off wednesday or thursday right through till monday and we often went without any sleep for those 2,3 or 4 days until we smoked ourselves down into a heavily stoned state

It was normally speed, coke,liquid MDMA n E's which made for some amazing party nights but also fuelled the lust for sex which was denied by rhe flood of folk coming and going although there would rarely be many left by sunday.

Except a really, really good mate who would normally stay the sunday night. Thing was our bedsit was one small room and shared amenities so sunday night we would go to bed and he crashed in a chair.

On occasion we'd wait for him to nod off as we had been denied anymore than a quick fuck in the shower or bathroom when possible. Whe the snoring began we'd begin until a time whenhe suddenly woke and she had my cock in her mouth. After that there would be no action until everybody was gone.

So one sunday night somewhwre around 4am maybe we all sort of settled back to try and sleep. The pair of us in our barely wider than s single bed while my mate was laying back in armchair that faced our bed less than 6 feet from it.

I couldn't sleep, she was laying next to me apparently asleep but rubbing her sweet arse against me and pressing her body into mine. I lay there in wild state of arousal praying he would fall fast asleep (he was a heavy sleeper lol) so I could throw the covers back and spend a good hour or two masturbating before I exploded.

Eventually he did and leaving it a little longer I threw the cover over her side,quietly stripped completely naked and began to play. If she woke up and found me it would be embarrassing but if I she wouldn't play then I had to do something about it lol.

So there I am, completely immersed in my fully interactive sexual pursuit when I turned my head to see my best friend wide awake, perfectly lucid and to be totally honest enjoying the show.

On seeing this I froze and he closed his eyes. In less than a minute they were open again and I still lay there butt naked on my side facing straight at him with my quivering hard on in my hands

It was as clear to me he was wide awake as it was obvious to him what I was doing so where do we go from here?

With direct eye contact but nothing said and no facial expressions passing between us it soon became obvious that if I i tended to carry on he intended to get dead comfy and watch the show.

Bear in mind this was at least 6 or 7 years before any bicurious feelings began to arise in me. Under normal conditions this situation would have been far too weird to even contemplate but at 4am on a sunday morning with the first hint of the morning behind the curtains it was just so surreal that it didn't seem to count.

I timidly got back into my play and he lay back in the chair and watched every second, eventually about an hour and a half later when I stopped pleasuring and teasing, stopped fingering my arsehole and started to get down to the proper business of wanking with intent he was still watching on impasssively right up until he undid his trousers and pulled out his own hard cock.

At that point we kind of willed each other on, matched our rhythms until we basically came together. He then went off to the toilet while I lay back covered in my own come and marvelled at the most bizarre experience I had up till then.

Nothing was said that night, the next day or up until now. I once tried bringing it up but he just says he doesn't remember anything like that but I know fine he does.

I went on to seriously act on my curiousity whilehe has remained resolutely as str8 as it gets 😉😉

By cumaddik at 14,Jul,18 15:17 other posts of cumaddik 
I got caught masturbating many times in my life...when i was a k1d, my mom caught me masturbating in the shower, and she caught me few times in my bedroom, one time in the garage..., she also caught me while i was sucking off a older bro also caught me many times too; most of the time, and since the first time i was caught, i was turned on by the fact that somebody was seeing me naked, horny, and masturbating...i also got caught by my geography teacher, by neighbors, strangers...
By #550700 at 16,Jul,18 23:13

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