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Sharing fantasies with partner

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Started by Cakes85 at 22,Jul,18 20:28  other posts of Cakes85
So tonight I decided that I was going to tell my other half a fair few of my most desired fantasies. This was very hard to be honest and I didnít know how to start.

I asked her if she minded me watching porn while jerking off and she was fine with that as itís something I do a lot. This time though I was watching trans porn which is something I love that she didnít know about. She saw it and was a bit confused, almost thought I didnít know what I had on... lol. Now was my chance. I told her I really have fantasies about fucking trans women and also about her fucking trans women... she was completely fine with it. She even said as long as Iím not going behind her back and doing it itís fine.

As that went so well I thought Iíd keep going... I told her how much I fantasise about her taking cock from other men. Just really want to see her getting fucked but multiple men while I watch or even while she tells me... she was cool about this too. What a women.

Sheís been fucking my ass with a strap on for a while now so I guess she always knew I was a bit kinky but I donít know if she thought about all this. I also told her I really want her to start fucking other women if she wants as that really turns me on and I know she likes women. She said we can talk about it another time.

Recently when weíve been having sex Iíve started using more dirty talk than usual to allow my desires to come out. Iíve started saying things like ďtake that dickĒ, ďtake his dickĒ, ďfuck his cockĒ and loads more while covering her face. I noticed she was getting super working up and orgasming in minutes of me talking like this. I canít put into words how happy this has made me. I talked to her tonight about it and asked if I can carry on with this talk and maybe up it a little and she has said yes!!! So happy. Tomorrow morning we are going to blindfold her and simulate a gangbang!!! So excited!!!!

Just wanted to know who out there has shared their fantasies with their partner and what reactions theyíve got?

Also thoughts on my sharing with her? Iíve still got more to tell but I hit her with loads tonight...

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