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The French don't like a wolf whistle?

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Started by phart at 29,Aug,18 12:48  other posts of phart
Jeez, are women that stuck up in France?
I was always of the understanding a woman appreciates a compliment.What is it with people nowadays,must not have nothing else to bitch about.
Granted,he should not have thrown a ashtray at her or any other act of **** but the idea of outlawing a man whistling at a woman is just crazy.

French Catcalling Law is Being Actively Enforced

Earlier this year, catcalls, wolf whistles and other unwanted displays of attention in public became outlawed in France, and the first major arrest has been reported in Paris.

A 22-year-old woman who became upset at being catcalled by a man on the street was subsequently attacked with an ashtray; French police officers reviewed security video of the incident and identified the man, who has previously received psychiatric treatment, and arrested him.

The suspect could face a fine of up to $850 for the street harassment, and he could also be charged with assault.

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By bella! at 29,Aug,18 13:30 other posts of bella! 
For real, are you really being serious phart?

It is sad that there are laws and fines in place in the 21st century that remind us that we may have come a long, long way, yet we have so much farther to go.

Yeah, it's only a whistle. Men will figure out a work around on this. They will probably just be bold enough to yell out; "Would you look at those tits!" OR "Did you see the ass on her!?" .

Yes, women appreciate compliments as do men. But what you perceive to be a compliment should not make the object of your attention feel uncomfortable.
By JustWill at 29,Aug,18 14:52 other posts of JustWill 
Let's not forget the fact that she "was subsequently attacked with an ashtray"!!!!!
What's up with these prissy women who don't get that being assaulted with smoking peripheral in a public place is just a guy's way of paying a compliment?
By Skittles at 29,Aug,18 15:34 other posts of Skittles 

but the French are annoying as fuck

By phart at 29,Aug,18 16:16 other posts of phart 
I am not condoning the viol@nce against them.Only idiots would. Or the rudeness.But a whistle or a hearty Hello there! should not be a criminal act or something a woman is offended by.
Geez, it is getting to the point of people being frightened to communicate with each other at all!

By #554465 at 29,Aug,18 14:35
It is the manner in which they do it, some guys have no class and the wrong intention. Make girls feel uneasy. One guy punched a girl in France recently, in front of a cafe.
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