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Started by #452993 at 31,Aug,18 14:36
I'd love it if someone would print my pics and post them in public restroom, truck stops, etc for more people to see and jack off to. Then tell and show me where and send me a pic of them posted. The thought of it really gets my pussy wet and if someone does, I'll send a link to videos of me playing with myself or sucking!! I really hope to see results

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By bella! at 31,Aug,18 18:02 other posts of bella! 

This is your third request/attempt to have membership print your pictures and post them in public restrooms and/or truck stops.

I'm on the fence about your request. Are you a woman or a man posing as a woman? In my opinion, these types of requests seem to be made by men and not women and because I don't see any face pictures or information pertaining to your true identity, I'm really learning toward you being an actual woman. Please indulge me, if you would, why do you want this?
--------------------------------------- added after 16 hours

Help me out, please.

Does anyone feel that my post was insensitive, thoughtless, inappropriate or whatever and would be the cause of a 4+ year member to delete their profile?

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