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Stealing is stealing.

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Started by Godzillas at 31,Aug,18 18:18  other posts of Godzillas
Heavy taxation is organized theft. Itís a huge scam. Outside of national security, thereís absolutely NOTHING the federal government can do with our money that we canít do ourselves, or that we canít handle with local government. Iím tired of this whole debate about government. Government is a forest fire that destroys everything it touches economically. I work half of the year to support a government that doesnít give a damn about me. Itís time for a peaceful, organized, tax revolt in this country.

P.S. To the liberals who think taxes are some kind of a benevolent public good - good for you. Go ahead and pay your whole salary to the government voluntarily. NO ONE is stopping you.

Also to the hecklers that bitch me out for not talking about my dick on here.. Stop bitching.. I posted pictures on my site for your interest.. Instead of bitching here, stop being lazy and click on the images..

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