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Stealing is stealing.

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Started by #559941 at 31,Aug,18 18:18
Heavy taxation is organized theft. Itís a huge scam. Outside of national security, thereís absolutely NOTHING the federal government can do with our money that we canít do ourselves, or that we canít handle with local government. Iím tired of this whole debate about government. Government is a forest fire that destroys everything it touches economically. I work half of the year to support a government that doesnít give a damn about me. Itís time for a peaceful, organized, tax revolt in this country.

P.S. To the liberals who think taxes are some kind of a benevolent public good - good for you. Go ahead and pay your whole salary to the government voluntarily. NO ONE is stopping you.

Also to the hecklers that bitch me out for not talking about my dick on here.. Stop bitching.. I posted pictures on my site for your interest.. Instead of bitching here, stop being lazy and click on the images..

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By #541363 at 21,Dec,18 10:23
I pay car taxes. 80 euro's per 3 months.
Do i have a problem with that? NO. Absolutely not.

In the Netherlands, we have a good road network. Fuel stations are up to modern standards, roads are being maintained and updated through the year. I have seen countries who have a by FAR worse road system.

I pay water board tax. Do you think i have a problem with that? NO. Some 70% of my country is below sea level. Water has been an enemy for 1000's of years.

And i trust the governing bodies to maintain the safety of my country. I never want this be a responsibility of a company. Companies have one interest: Maximum profit.
By phart at 21,Dec,18 11:26 other posts of phart 
Last chart I looked at showed my state has the second highest fuel tax in the US under California. And our roads are getting to be huge potholes. Are they fixing them? No,but they sure as hell are putting in alot of roundabouts and curbs to prevent left turns! damn fools.
Why did anyone build a entire county below sea level?
Hell the US can't keep New Orleans from flooding half the time and it is just a small state.
By #541363 at 21,Dec,18 13:47
our country is litterly sinking away. Parts getting lower with an inch a year.

Fuel tax? What are the fuel prices there?

Here Ä1,60 a litre petrol. That some 6,06 euro a gallon or $6,89 a gallon.
By #559941 at 21,Dec,18 14:12
It's a scam. We know it is..Conservative Americans are on your side.. Stay strong, stay safe..
By phart at 21,Dec,18 21:45 other posts of phart 
I paid 2 dollars a gallon this morning for the 87 octane.It should be dropping a bit lower next week judgeing by the barrel price drop.Wti crude is 45.59 and wholesale gas price by the gallon is 1.32 a gallon.
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By phart at 21,Dec,18 11:24 other posts of phart 
Liberal minded folks love taking from the working person and blowing the money out their ass's like confetti.It is just what they do.
I am really thankful to hear the Trump administration is tightening up on food stamps. The program was designed to be a HAND UP to the needy,not a HAND OUT to the lazy.
There are plenty of normal paying jobs for normal iq level folks out there,they are just to damn good to get off their ass's and do them.
Skilled labor both in the US and other countrys is getting to be a problem. Machinist,welders and so forth that make good money are aging out and no one is willing to take their place. Everything that needs doing is not able to be done by pushing buttons. And if everyone that is able to work is working,more folks pay taxes,and more taxes means more SHOULD be getting done.

By whatsupcocks at 21,Dec,18 07:27 other posts of whatsupcocks 

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