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Small penis humiliation

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Started by #2852 at 14,Mar,09 17:26
Am getting very turned on by other guys making fun of my small penis, so go ahead fellas. All comments will be repsectfully replied to.

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By girllyboy at 21,Mar,18 17:39 other posts of girllyboy 
mines tiny trying to figure out how to add picture here mine is from 0 to 2 inch hard

By Bendy at 18,Apr,13 14:15 other posts of Bendy 
It's not small... but it is very flexible even when fully hard... I can bend it all the way in half and twist it like it's made of rubber, lol... Please humiliate it

By bradyD at 18,Apr,13 12:02 other posts of bradyD 

By #206678 at 08,Feb,13 15:19

By slipper at 16,Dec,09 15:12 other posts of slipper 
Sorry, I cannot humiliate anyone with such a CUTIE, even if ya want me to!
By slipper at 18,Dec,10 20:31 other posts of slipper 
I guess, if forced to, I'd honestly have to say... you are still just too BIG for my tastes!!!

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