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can you increased my humiliation?

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Started by soumisgre at 14,Oct,12 08:28  other posts of soumisgre

I'm a french guy so, please, excuse me, for my inglish.

I'm 29 and my small penis is less than 4 inches (10 cm). I'm always virgin! I love to be humiliate, embarred, disgrace, humbled, degraded and much more of that.

I'm exposed on many webpage with my tiny penis and face.

I have give pics of me (face and penis) to be exposed on the web for ever.

Please can you incresed my humiliation!?

Please can I do something to you for increased my humiliation?


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By Friesbaconnekkid at 31,Mar,19 08:48 other posts of Friesbaconnekkid 
I want you to make an email message. Address it to everyone in your address book, including family. Attach your pictures, making sure your face and cock are plainly seen. Hit send. My wife made me do this with a picture of me sucking cock.

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