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Started by -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 03:17  other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y-
I'm a bit of a music nut, don't go to enough live gigs though. This thread is for you to tell us about the last few gigs you went to; or just tell us what your favourite gig ever was/is. Go ahead:

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By #487013 at 22,Oct,18 11:53
Iím gonna see Danzig aka Sigourney Weaver in a few weeks. Then Ghost, Zakk Wylde and Phil Anselmo all in November.
By #567021 at 23,Oct,18 09:39
Haha Sigourney Weaver!! He does look like her....thatís fucking hilarious! Enjoy the shows!

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 23,Oct,18 09:57 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Danzig and Phil Anselmo - now i'm f'n jealous x! I don't know about Ghost - some of their albims are all over the place and over-produced
By #567021 at 23,Oct,18 23:16
Man...I just cant get on board with PH and the Illegals. That shit is rough. Am I missing something with them?? Lol
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 24,Oct,18 04:36 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Yeah, was def not a fan of his first; haven't heard the second but i've been told it's better (but that's from people with Pantera/Down/Superjoint Ritual tattoos)
Ahh, it's Phil...i'd buy his stuff to pay him even if it is a hot mess
By #567021 at 24,Oct,18 16:12
Yeah, good point!

By #487013 at 30,Oct,18 22:07
Hey I have a CFH tattoo, what you trying to say pal?
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 02,Nov,18 03:12 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Who? If i started getting the names of my favourite bands/artists tatt'd on me, i'd have 2,000+ by now (;lol:x

By #487013 at 30,Oct,18 22:06
No, I love Phil but not my fave of his projects. I love the black metal band he started with the dudes from pig destroyer and cattle decapatation. I know youíre not a fan of the stuff I like. Have you ever heard this? only registered users can see external links
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 02,Nov,18 03:10 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
I have - no Down/Pantera/Superjoint Ritual; but it does show his versatility - the 1st Phil Ansrlmo and the Illegals album (even though i **** any sub-genre of metal with the words: black/blackened/goth/nu in it)

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 03:24 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
My last few:
1) Skepta & A$AP Rocky
2) Bob Dylan (for the 6th time)
3) Ocean Alley (not really my thing, but i owed the people i went with)
4) Red Fang
5) The Underachievers
6) Canned Heat
7) Suicidal Tendencies
BEST GIG/S: 1) The NOFX and Frenzal Rhomb gig where Fat Mike elbowed the fuck out of a stage jumper and then kicked his head in with his steel-capped boot 2) Suicidal Tendencies with Dave Lombardo (Slayer) on drums 3) Last time Raised Fist toured Australia 4) Bob Dylan (before he got too old to play) with Patti Smith opening for him
By #487013 at 30,Oct,18 22:08
The only one I like is Suicidal
By #567021 at 31,Oct,18 00:24
Would love to see Red Fang!!
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 31,Oct,18 01:14 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Mate, i was so smashed that night; but faaarrrkkk - they went off! Have you seen their film clips - the guys are so hilarious (seriously, if you are a "not too in your face hard music" fan; or even if you have a sense of humour - search Red Fang's film clips on Youtube - you'll laugh and maybe like their music too)!!! Most recent album was a bit too mellow for me; but yeah i dig them.

Metal-wise i'm a desert/stoner/space/sludge/groove/crossover-thrash/doom/experimental/mathcore/thrashcore/classic-death/shoe-gazing/metalcore that is more hardcore punk than metal sort of sub-genre guy --------------------------------------- added after 70 minutesSome of their funniest/best; but they have plenty more:
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links
For serial-iously...take a watch of these 5 film clips!!!
"Zombies (pfft - don't care)?!!! Let me guess they're eating people's brains (SHRUGS)? No, it's even worse - they're drinking all the beer!!! (SHOCK & ANGER)!!!"
By #487013 at 31,Oct,18 01:38
I like classic stuff but I think me and you have different ideas of classic lol. To me thatís stuff like Zeppelin (before I found out they ripped everyone off) Sabbath, Dio, Maiden, etc. NoFX is okay I like stuff like D.R. I too. Always gonna be a thrash/grunge/sludge/death/Black Metal girl but I like other stuff too. Hip hop and rap meh, I liked Tupac and stuff like that okay I guess but I canít stand anything out now. Although that Post Malone dude has a song I think is okay.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 31,Oct,18 02:36 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Yeah. Zeppelin classic, Sabbath with Ozzy classic. Sabbath a pile of poop after Ozzy (even though the guit'ist was the brains/skill - so i don't know how that happened), Maiden commercial-poop like Metallica; and anything Dio has ever touched or been near is whale poop / glam rock. Music started with blues - it's the roots to all the stuff we listen to now...the classic old Mississippi Delta stuff and other early guys/gals: Leadbelly, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell, Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, Billie Holiday, Bo Carter, Blind Boy Fuller, Mississippi Fred McDowell, The Mississippi Sheiks, etc etc etc...and then my guy from the more modern generation - John Lee Hooker

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 31,Oct,18 02:50 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Better be the Allen Iverson song - AI was The Answer!!!
By #487013 at 31,Oct,18 11:45
To be honest I donít know the name of it. My coworkers played it a few times.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 02,Nov,18 03:05 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Probably from the new album (which i haven't heard) - the guy is too-derivative and uses the synthesizer like it was 15 years ago. I do dig the AI somg though...even though he calls himself the "white Iverson" (fuck off, there'll never be another AI). Love

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 31,Oct,18 01:09 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
You've got to love the classic guys too, AoD...if it weren't for them we wouldn't have the music that we grew up with or the small spattering of good new stuff.
You don't like hip-hop though. Skepta has been extremely lucky that he made friends with the newish USA guys, coz otherwise he only has 2 songs on his own. I prefer Ferg to Rocky - but that was the gig... The Underachievers, Denzel Curry and Flatbush Zhombies were the future of decent hip-hop until they sold out and made several crap recent albums.
I still don't understand why someone who is into metal so hard, doesn't like good [hardcore] punk (Raised Fist absolutely shred, NOFX and Frenzal Rhomb are funny as and legends).
Each to their own though - i'm a punk and a metalhead...but i h.a.t.e. some of the "metal" bands you like with a burning passion. Love ya anyways though
By #487013 at 31,Oct,18 01:33
I like some punk stuff. I just never got deeper into it. I do like bands like Pennywise and **** for ****. But stuff like the drop kicks drives me nuts.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 31,Oct,18 02:40 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Dropkick Murphy's made some killer albums; but have been weak as piss with that overly Celtic melodic shit for decades. Pennywise and Bad Religion were my b.l.o.o.d as a p.r.e/early teen (but even Pennywise had an album that tried to cater for the emo generation; i couldn't listen to it - luckily they have gone back to the Pennywise i loved as a young'n)

By andrew999999999 at 01,Nov,18 17:53 other posts of andrew999999999 
Fleet Foxes last year was the last gig I went to. It's not been a good year for gigs this year for me. But that's what happens when the vast majority of bands and artists you like or dead, retired, or split up.

By HunterAce at 20,Oct,18 04:56 other posts of HunterAce 
Back in July I caught Slayer's farewell tour with Anthrax, Testament, Behemoth and Lamb of God. It was a good gig. I'm taking my son to see Metallica in December for his first concert
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 08:19 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Nice. Slayer & Anthrax (the 2 good members of the "thrash big 4"). Love Lamb of God aka Burn The Priest too! You've gotta be able to find someone better than Metallica and their pop-metal for your young'n's first gig though, Hunt?! (;
By HunterAce at 20,Oct,18 15:29 other posts of HunterAce 
It's a good starter. He wanted to go see Machine Head at a really small venue but I need to ease him into the craziness
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 15:42 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
I'd be taking him to Machine Head over Metallica every day of the week. I dragged my old man (nearly 70) to Meshuggah, Raised Fist and Suicidal Tendencies...i just had me and my mates enclosing him in a safe circle from any circle-pit danger
By #487013 at 30,Oct,18 22:02
Machine head are not as good as they used to be. I saw them back in January and I was disappointed. They played the crap on the new album. I saw them previously before that in 2015 and that was a hella good show. They played Davidian and all the old stuff. They also did message ina bottle.

By #487013 at 22,Oct,18 11:50
Iíll have to send some pics from the show I went to in June.

By #487013 at 22,Oct,18 11:56
Joey Belladonna threw me a guitar pick. I loved the show Iím a huge fan of Lamb of God and Behemoth as well, I loved it when Glen Hoglan came out and played drums for them.
By 2nice at 22,Oct,18 12:06 other posts of 2nice 
Still so jealous you got to see Behemoth. Theyíre coming to Detroit next month but Iím out of vacation days.
By #487013 at 30,Oct,18 22:03
Remind me to show you some of the pics of the show. I also have video of Gene Hoglan playing drums for them.

By HunterAce at 22,Oct,18 15:36 other posts of HunterAce 
That's pretty epic.

By CountryCouple54 at 22,Oct,18 12:07 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Bon Jovi, Poison, K-id Rock. I'm sure you all can figure out who wears the pants in this marriage. Although, it made for a wet night for me when we got home.
By kebmo at 24,Oct,18 00:39 other posts of kebmo 
Bon Jovi is on my bucket list!! I made him and the band dinner once in an Italian restaurant but I didn't see the show. How were they?
I saw Poison two nights in a row with Def Leppard. I liked them. The Def Leppard drummer did a better solo with one arm than the Poison drummer did with two!!
By footluvrsgirl at 24,Oct,18 20:49 other posts of footluvrsgirl 
Bon Jovi is Awesome.. Iíve seen him in concert 9x 😍. & met him & his family several times ~ heís a really great guy..!
By kebmo at 24,Oct,18 20:56 other posts of kebmo 
Nine times??? His biggest fan speaks out. I WILL see him next time he comes around. An hour and a half north of me and an hour and a half south of me are major cities so I might even see him twice!
By footluvrsgirl at 24,Oct,18 21:09 other posts of footluvrsgirl 
Indeed! 🤗🎶! Iíve traveled to cities 3 hrs from me! Itís worth it! Iíve been a a fan since Ď84. Itís not quite the same without Sambora but Jonís energy is amazing. His son & my nephew were college friends so I got to meet him a few times. Heís so genuinely nice! 🧡

By kebmo at 20,Oct,18 06:37 other posts of kebmo 
I love concerts. In the last few years...
Rodger Waters, Rodger Hodgson two nights in a row, Loverboy, Tom Petty's last Canadian visit, Neil Diamond, Joe Cocker's last tour in 2014, ACDC, Def Leppard two nights in a row, April Wine and one of the best ever, Foreigner second row, VIP and photo with the band.
My plan is to see all the old groups before they quit touring.
It sure is nice to see them all sober, working and playing the songs they way they were recorded not like the days of old when they were partying, drunk and unprofessional.

By Nawmie54 at 20,Oct,18 03:31 other posts of Nawmie54 
I forgot to add Barbra Streisand at Homebush, in the pouring rain. What a star!
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 03:32 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Not touching that one with a 1,000 foot pole, my dear friend
By Nawmie54 at 20,Oct,18 03:35 other posts of Nawmie54 
Seriously, she was amazing. Belting out numbers over the rain and thunder, wearing an Akubra and a full length Drizabone coat
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 03:40 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Wearing the stereotypical Aussie outfit, the weather adding to it and The Sydney Opera House - yes, yes, yes...Streisand...i wouldn't go if someone paid me $3m or i was granted 10,000 (no-effort picking up) roots

By Nawmie54 at 20,Oct,18 03:25 other posts of Nawmie54 
Too many to choose from! Depends what you like! I am pretty versatile in my music taste. Haven't been to a live concert in yonks, but one of my favourites was Carlos Santana and the Santana Band at the Domain under the stars. Pink Floyd, 10CC, Dire Straits, INXS, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and The Doobie Brothers. Last act I saw was Dianna Krall at the Opera House, very nice.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 03:30 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
You better be talking the original Fleetwood Mac, Nawm - before the goat lady joined and took them from blues-rock to pop-poop (;
By Nawmie54 at 20,Oct,18 03:32 other posts of Nawmie54 
I liked them long before that happened! I prefer Christine McVie as a vocalist and writer
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 03:33 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
I loved them as a blues-rock band: "The Original Fleetwood Mac"

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