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Topic dump

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Started by #487013 at 07,Dec,18 21:03
This is a place for all topics regardless of how annoying, stupid or redundant others may find them as long as they don't violate any site rules. If you can't be bothered to look to see if the topic has already come up in another thread or are simply unoriginal and cant come up with your own ideas, heres a place for you. Caution some people are just douchebags and will get offended no matter what it is.

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New Comment

By dgraff at 07,Dec,18 22:22 other posts of dgraff 
Hey fuckers I'm back
By #487013 at 07,Dec,18 22:27
Hey! Long time no see. Welcome back dude.
By dgraff at 08,Dec,18 05:54 other posts of dgraff 
Thanks good to be back
By Dev01 at 08,Dec,18 18:38 other posts of Dev01 
Welcome back DG

By DemonCleaner_!LF! at 08,Dec,18 02:36 other posts of DemonCleaner_!LF! 
Agreed. The dumpster needs to be reabsorbed back into the main forum. Most of the stuff in their is less abhorrent and much more intellectually stimulating than the stuff that hasn't been "dumpstered"
By #487013 at 08,Dec,18 09:47

By JustWill at 08,Dec,18 12:48 other posts of JustWill 
At one point, I was posting new topics directly into the dumpster because that's where all the cool kidz were hanging out.

By JustWill at 07,Dec,18 23:01 other posts of JustWill 
Anyone in the market for a slightly used butt-toaster? I know a guy who is selling one and I promised I'd pass his message on...
By #487013 at 07,Dec,18 23:04
Do you know if the butt-toaster is also capable of de-icing a windshield? If so I'm your girl.
By JustWill at 07,Dec,18 23:09 other posts of JustWill 
I think that if you throw it really hard at the windshield, it will get rid of the ice. And the windshield, but you can't have everything...
By #487013 at 07,Dec,18 23:13
Damn it, guess I'll just have to use it for stupid shit such as toasting toast.

By #557060 at 07,Dec,18 21:27
Hey, now that's a very charitable way to help people get a Forum post when they don't have enough points, good on ya.

BTW, i'm not having as much fun as i wanted out of this site, anyone knows of another one with the same features?
I recall one i used to have an account and it had a pink layout, but can't for the life of me remember the name, anyone else ever used it?
By #487013 at 07,Dec,18 21:45
I don't know what you're looking for but another site I enjoy is its mainly about large penises but there is a huge community and the chat has voice and video features. Im not active as much as I used to be and I prefer this site.
By #557060 at 07,Dec,18 22:03
Well, i appreciate the suggestion, sadly i'm not into penises and i don't consider mine large enough to draw attention.

Thanks anyway.
By #487013 at 07,Dec,18 22:07
I guess i should clarify more, sorry. The site has a weird name but theres tons of females there as well.
By #557060 at 07,Dec,18 22:29
Oh, that's different.
How is the gay dudes to straight females ratio there?
By #487013 at 07,Dec,18 22:49
I really didnt pay much attention. But when you interact with someone in the chat or forums there was a banner next tk their avatar saying what their sexual preference was and if they were not totally straight it gave a percentage of how interested they are in interacting with gay members or females.
By #557060 at 07,Dec,18 22:54
Hmmm... Interesting, in theory, it sounds more efficient than the system we have here.
I feel like i should try it.

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