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Merry Christmas To All...

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Started by 2nice at 25,Dec,18 08:56  other posts of 2nice
There is something about this time year that makes one reflect. Despite the petty differences and disputes. We are a community here. Iíve grown even closer to a number of you as I look back on 2018.

Everyone. Please continue to support the best site on the net, SYD/SYC.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

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By JustWill at 26,Dec,18 13:36 other posts of JustWill 
Merry Christmas, Mr. Yumm!
Pondering your Christmas PACKAGE as an actual CHRISTMAS package does all kinds of wonky things to the Space/Time Continuum...

By jt36013 at 26,Dec,18 04:54 other posts of jt36013 
Merry Christmas... and don't burn those nice chestnuts on an open fire... that would be a shame...

By #562152 at 25,Dec,18 10:51
Merry Xmas, "2",,that was "nice". I, for one, .love your decorated "Xmas tree". You may use "my avenue" any time you like. Even if we don't always see eye-to-eye.

I'll be waiting:x :x
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By bella! at 25,Dec,18 09:20 other posts of bella! 
Nice sentiment, 2nice, and yes, I would like to see more people "put their money where their mouth is"! Rather than just say that this is the "best" site, a site like no other, I would like to see them dig into their pockets and show that they mean it. If I recall correctly, CountryCouple54 figured out that it was approximately $ .38 USD daily, to enjoy a paid membership and I suspect that wherever you live, whatever form of currency you use, it is equally affordable. Who can't afford $ .38 per day?

Hey, be for real, was this the only avenue you could use to post a picture of your dong?

By Ray10754 at 25,Dec,18 09:17 other posts of Ray10754 
Merry Christmas to you also

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