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Started by littlepickle at 24,Feb,19 13:24  other posts of littlepickle
I am trying very hard to get others to make fun of or humiliate me in anyway possible but, I have not been very successful. If you would humiliate me I would greatly appreciate it and if you cant think of anything to say, make something up. Tell me that you know me from somewhere, or that you have sent my pictures to other friends, or you could even blackmail me for some show your dick points. Any form of penis or small penis humiliation would be more than greatly appreciated. Please have fun with it and let the humiliation begin.

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By toohey at 24,Feb,19 13:57 other posts of toohey 
There is a paradox inherent in this sort of requests for humiliation. If we give in and grant the request it means that we will effectively be doing your bidding. That's not exactly what I think of when I hear the word 'humiliation'.

I'm a nice man, or try to be, so I'll do my best to humiliate you. Here goes nothing...

You confused idiot! Stop whining about your penis! Stop right now! No one is interested in your allegedly small penis. No one. You good-for-nothing weakling, man up. Look into the mirror. Right now. Do it. Look yourself into the eye and repeat after me, word for word exactly as I say: "I am a worthy human being. I respect myself and the world. I solemnly promise to celebrate everything good in life. Henceforth I will never again ask anyone to humiliate me, nor to praise me. I will live my life in the best way possible to me, and let others judge as they will. My well-being will never be at the mercy of their opinions, good or bad. Never."

I hope that helps. I certainly had fun writing this
By Scorpio69 at 25,Feb,19 01:31 other posts of Scorpio69 
I don't understand these requests either...

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