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Communicating Yyour Emotions For Another Via Music

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Started by dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 18,Mar,19 07:56  other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^
Iíve always found music as a great comminicator. One of my ex-gfís names these 2 songs as ours (hers in relation to me):
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only registered users can see external links

Anyone else agree? Please share👍👍👍

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By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 03,Apr,19 00:49 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
A song for a friend on here who has backstabbed me for the last time; and whom has now joined my very exclusive club of 2 members that i genuinely dislike (a membership to which club has to be earnt through repeated pathetic displays of behaviour): only registered users can see external links

By SydP at 23,Mar,19 10:22 other posts of SydP 
There is no art, nothing yet produced by man or woman, that can so quickly and effectively communicate mood and feeling as music. All other art pales by comparison - yes, even pics of dicks and pussy.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 26,Mar,19 06:12 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 

By Buzuzul at 25,Mar,19 20:44 other posts of Buzuzul 
Completely agree with you. Itís often a great way for hidden messages expessing feelings you canít describe or even to shy to say it out loud. I canít understand how ppl listen to songs and donít care about the lyrics at all.

Itís also unbelievable how simple a song force your brain to recreate the initial moment - the moment when it becomes the song of two hearts

Anyway. Great songs. Especially the xx ! Shows the different between musicians and performer just singing songs for reputation and money and not feeling it
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 26,Mar,19 06:12 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
For some people, music can express what they want to express better and more directly than they can themselves...and sometimes it conveys itself more honestly/genuinely as a form of communication than the words of even those who express themselves well can do with their own words👍👍👍

By Arexa at 26,Mar,19 05:46 other posts of Arexa 
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This one speaks to my soul and applies to a few people in my life.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 26,Mar,19 06:06 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
You put me onto this guy a few months before i rejoined. His style of rap is not really my thing (but the songs i mentioned in the title comment of this thread arenít really my thing either); however, this song and its lyrics have some good and serious emotional connotations. R.I.P. to the guy!!! Reminds me of a different generation and genre version of Darby Crash (The Germs) - both died much too young, but burnt BRIGHT

By #578610 at 23,Mar,19 11:17
We have had several songs that meant something to both of us and each is still gives us a special moment/feeling when we hear them, but, this Aretha Franklin song is our favorite.

I Say a Little Prayer
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--------------------------------------- added after 31 seconds

Yes, I know, it is soupy.

By smallhornydick88854 at 22,Mar,19 13:49 other posts of smallhornydick88854 
when imma angry or upset i always listen to music.

By smallhornydick88854 at 22,Mar,19 13:48 other posts of smallhornydick88854 
my latest ex gf's and my (our) song was - a thousand years by christina perri. any one agree

By #487013 at 18,Mar,19 22:21
Recently a much loved friend passed away. We had drifted apart over the years mainly due to fact she got heavily into drugs. Prior to her death she tried to reach out to me and a few others but she kind of burned her bridges. Itís been eating at me every since I learned of her death. At her services this song was played and it hit me so hard. I felt as if she was speaking the words to all of us that werenít in good terms. I had a hard time tracking it down. Itís not my type of music normally but the words hit me hard. Crazy how powerful a song can be.

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By 2nice at 19,Mar,19 11:30 other posts of 2nice 
Thatís what makes music so great. Sorry to hear about your friend though.

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 09:26 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Anyone who is part of music group has heard me talk about this rendition of Bob Dylanís ďGirl From the North CountryĒ as a duet with Johnny Cash knows that this was the song of me and my ex-gf of 2&1/2yrs that i met on here 6yrs ago (sheís from north of me and is Cash [conservative right] and iím Dulsn [moderate left]). Itís a great song and they just complement each othet so perfectly: only registered users can see external links

By 2nice at 18,Mar,19 20:11 other posts of 2nice 
Iím digging both of them, especially the first one.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 09:05 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Youíre a music man like me, Nice - not surprised that youíd be open to both of them (((: 👍🥃🥃🥃

By #581484 at 18,Mar,19 18:24
not really my style of music
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 09:04 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
As i said to toohey, mate . I wasnít broadcasting the songs, i was asking if anyone else had songs that partners had attributed the meanings/messages of to you (or vice versa). I donít like either group, but when someone attaches you to the sentiment of them...

By toohey at 18,Mar,19 10:39 other posts of toohey 
I agree: they are completely yours. I have no interest in them.
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Mar,19 08:59 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Neither, tooh - but when a partner dedicates a song to you that is so emotionslly poignant, it breaks the walls of ehat genre/s of music you like and touches you 👍🥃

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