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under age on this site

This is an Adult Discussion Forum of Show It Off Site
If you wish to participate you should register on that site and write there

Started by love-penis at 16,Mar,09 16:44  other posts of love-penis
Some1 named " Hunter!630 " told me he was 16yrs old, he should not be on this site,

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By #552392 at 17,Apr,18 11:37
my 13 yr old cousin looks through this site

By BushPilot at 25,Mar,09 22:48 other posts of BushPilot 
This is a stupid issues to be discussing at all. If you aren't of age, and either the person tells you so or you suspect it, hang up the internet! It is a "contributing to the delinquency of a minor" case at best and possibly a stalking / predator case in the making. Underage ladies and gents should take their sex to high school and leave internet sex sites to the adults. They will have a long time to enjoy adult life and it's perks.

By admin at 17,Mar,09 21:35 other posts of admin 
I already told many times and keep repeating, that if any member of this site tells you that he/she is under 18, you should not involve yourself in conversation with such a person and report this to me at once.

It's more dangerous for you, than for me. As for me - as long as he/she does not publish underage photos, I'm quite safe. But you are not. It can be a scam, it can be a police operation, it can be just a stupid kid, but you can never know for sure which of them exactly.

I indeed delete any such members as soon as I'm aware of this.
By love-penis at 18,Mar,09 12:40 other posts of love-penis 
Thank you Admin

By love-penis at 18,Mar,09 12:38 other posts of love-penis 

By love-penis at 17,Mar,09 01:57 other posts of love-penis 
thank u 2 all who c my point, and tinycock I DON'T LIKE LITTLE KIDS...!!!! SO I WILL RAT ON THEM IF THEY CLAIM 2B under age, i love this site and chat'n w/every1, i'm in2 ADULT MEN & WOMEN, NOT CHILDREN

By #5828 at 16,Mar,09 17:30
hey dude i watched porn when i was 16 and so did u... aint no reason fer u 2 rat on a dude who is jus like u 30 yrs ago... stop hatin n let em jerk off
By #7468 at 16,Mar,09 18:17
This same person was under the name ilikecock630 last night and approached me. This could be a sting type operation as well. I refused to chat with this alleged 16 year old and reported him to the admin last night. Tiny, I love you but I wholeheartedly disagree with you on this one. This is not a place for minors or really sick pervs acting as minors. :(
By oldbugle at 16,Mar,09 18:48 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes I agree, he approached me too and it's suspicious tha his only words are "i'm 16"......

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