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Why I am horny ?

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Started by Asianwife at 20,Apr,19 07:20  other posts of Asianwife
No matter how many boyfriends, but I never get enough ! I donít know why ?

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New Comment

By leopoldij at 07,Feb,20 22:13 other posts of leopoldij 
Can you try me too?

By nekekal at 12,May,19 22:47 other posts of nekekal 
You must have the guy gene for sex. I am that way. I could fuck all day every day. If not fucking I just madturbate. Unfortunately, i have never met a similar woman. I am just in a constant state of frustration, horniness, and masturbation. Too bad that you are not around here, we could get together and fuck. Frequently and well. My big cock, your tight cunt. A perfect pair.

By Smoothmann at 12,May,19 16:18 other posts of Smoothmann 
I would love too help you with your problem!

By leopoldij at 12,May,19 14:42 other posts of leopoldij 
I understand you perfectly.
I'm the same.
--------------------------------------- added after 35 seconds

So, shall we fuck?

By countrynaturist at 12,May,19 14:40 other posts of countrynaturist 
You ask that as if there's something wrong. What is wrong with wanting sex?? You are blessed with a high sex drive. Maybe your partner(s) do not satisfy you. Maybe you are a multi orgasm gal and just need to climax a few times. Maybe you just like having sex. Maybe public nudity gets you going Ö not just being nude with your partner. Just enjoy.

By Naneilean at 12,May,19 05:11 other posts of Naneilean 


By leopoldij at 21,Apr,19 10:41 other posts of leopoldij 
Because you're honest about your sexuality. Most people are like that but either they don't want to admit it or their environment/ society doesn't allow them to admit it.

By HungJack1999 at 21,Apr,19 09:30 other posts of HungJack1999 
I have to ask myself the same question every day. Itís not that I donít get enough sex, but in my case I just think itís because Iím still a teenager.

By Plexus at 20,Apr,19 07:42 other posts of Plexus 
Just haven't found the right guy, or me
By Asianwife at 21,Apr,19 06:50 other posts of Asianwife 
May b
By Plexus at 21,Apr,19 07:46 other posts of Plexus 
Taking prillagey and Viagra while having a pretty big dick helps too.

By Smoothmann at 20,Apr,19 07:33 other posts of Smoothmann 
Because your body wants more sex! Get while you can my friend!
By Asianwife at 20,Apr,19 07:35 other posts of Asianwife 
Thatís why I am keep exposing my self
By Smoothmann at 20,Apr,19 07:42 other posts of Smoothmann 
Yes! As we all do!enjoy life,it's a lot of fun!!!
By Asianwife at 21,Apr,19 06:50 other posts of Asianwife 
Thatís wht I am doing

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