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how can i see my own erected penis and feel confident with my size?

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Started by hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 01:51  other posts of hypoboy

hey guys, i'm looking for help: how can i build up more confidence and self-esteem about having the erected penis size that i have? How can one stop the mindset of constantly thinking it's too short and too thin?

as you can see in my other pictures i am a very sexual guy, i like to compare my dick with other guys and i don't hide it in public situations such as saunas, lockers etc. despite the size that it is.

but when i see all those young extra large dicks as i.e on the syd frontpage i ultimately get this feeling that my erected penis is too small which leaves me unhappy and unlucky in the penis size department. added an example so you see the huge size difference i am talking about. any suggestions for me and others on how to really feel better about my (ones) size?

nb: this is strictly NOT intended for sph, thanks.

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By pipcock at 30,Jun,19 17:08 other posts of pipcock 
Nothing wrong with your cock, but I have found that the herbal extract tribulus will get my cock to realize its FULL potential. Worth trying.
By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 01:11 other posts of hypoboy 
Thanks man, apprechiate it. What does it do as you take this?
By pipcock at 01,Jul,19 03:54 other posts of pipcock 
it is a testosterone enhancer it seems. Just makes the hormones you have more effective, and your cock pumps up with more blood. well mine certainly does.

By wycowboy at 30,Jun,19 08:09 other posts of wycowboy 
Quit worrying about it. I have a small dick too. My wife has always said that it was enough for her and since I can sometimes make her squirt I guess it is. Bigger cocks aren't as common as most people think anyway.
By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 22:33 other posts of hypoboy 
thank you man for an advice of another average guy! impressive and nice what you experience with your wife, glad you can rock her well!

i don't agree so much on how common large cocks are, as i see quite many also in real life, even soft some may be longer and even thicker than my fully erected penis.

but maybe this is a skewed situation as hung guys tend to show off and go nude more likely than smaller and average sized guys; just in general thinking.

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 01:08 other posts of hypoboy 
Actually, my wife quite frequently mentions my penis in a positive way. She sometimes says that i am her perfect size or that i have a great body and a beautiful penis. When she is getting fucked she said in the past that i am a bull or a sex God hehe...

And this after more than 15 years of marriage and my dick is just averqge size hehe... she was always very verbal about these things which i like a lot!

By Skittles at 30,Jun,19 12:35 other posts of Skittles 
Are you Bjuka??
By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 16:24 other posts of hypoboy 
uuuhm, what does that mean?
By Scorps at 30,Jun,19 17:28 other posts of Scorps 
He means, is this ➡️ /member.php?w=42 you?
By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 22:26 other posts of hypoboy 
oh, that is a cute dick hehe...

so, no i am not Bjuka and i guess even though he has a sexy little dick, i am happy with what i have and what i can do with it for people who want it hehe...

By Skittles at 30,Jun,19 23:12 other posts of Skittles 

By Smoothmann at 30,Jun,19 06:22 other posts of Smoothmann 
I believe that some of those cocks are photo shopped as they look like they belong on a horse!Don't worry about it as 5"to 6" is ideal for most people!
By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 22:37 other posts of hypoboy 
thanks so much for the 5" to 6" ideal comment man, really nice!

i guess it's true for many things one can do with his cock. i don't agree so much on the photoshop thought as i see plenty of measured dicks on here too who are just quite large by nature... just as an example this sir below. i don't think this was faked - but maybe i am just not critical enough haha...

By Petro635 at 30,Jun,19 14:10 other posts of Petro635 
Any size dick can have an orgasm. Enjoy having orgasm. Then enjoy being naked in sauna and locker rooms. The more people we see naked the more we see what normal is. Every guy should feel comfortable naked and free from judgement of their body and balls and penis
By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 22:30 other posts of hypoboy 
THAT is so true man! i agree 200% with you!

Early on in my late teen years i realized that i had to open up myself and force myself to public nude situations in order to learn that there are many variations of dicks and bodies out there.

so i went to saunas, started spending more time changing in locker rooms (swimming pools etc.) and nude beaches and became much more confident with my body and my average cock size - even though my eyes were most of the time hanging on the very large real men's cocks (and thus overseeing the many normal sized cocks everywhere)...

By CharlieB at 30,Jun,19 03:04 other posts of CharlieB 
If you go comparing yourself to others all the time, especially the ones on the front page, you'll never be satisfied with your size. The bigger ones naturally get more attention, so don't worry about being undersized next to them. It's just like anything else really. There will always be someone who outdoes you, so relax and don't let it get to you. Besides, even small ones can be enough for most people.
By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 06:35 other posts of hypoboy 
Thank you man for these nice and smart encouraging words! It's good to hear that not everybody needs a huge cock to get satisfied.

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