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Is Docking Dangerous?

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Started by #574845 at 16,Jul,19 09:32
I want to try docking. Iím uncut and Iím curious to have another guy in my foreskin. I want to have him cum inside my foreskin. Is there any risks to have his cum pushed up my ureathra? Has anyone docked before and wither had someone cum inside them or did someone cum inside another foreskin? Do you feel any cum shoot up your dick?

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New Comment

By soundsgreat87 at 26,Jul,19 14:42 other posts of soundsgreat87 
Nothing's gonna go up your dick.

By aoneeyedmonster at 18,Jul,19 13:14 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
I do it all the time with my boat

By lawrenceo at 18,Jul,19 04:11 other posts of lawrenceo 
I doubt that there is any physical risk unless the attempt was with dicks that were too big. As with all sexual contact there is the danger from STDs. I would think that you could offer your uncut cock to another male who is cut and give him the sensation of having a foreskin around his bare cockhead.

By cody8789 at 16,Jul,19 22:20 other posts of cody8789 
It depends on the speed of your boat when your approaching the dock
By mr_blue at 17,Jul,19 04:34 other posts of mr_blue 
watch out for dockblockers
By cody8789 at 18,Jul,19 00:04 other posts of cody8789 

By raybo36 at 16,Jul,19 21:21 other posts of raybo36 
I did have an occasion where i was docking with my BF at the time, and my dick was inside his foreskin and our heads would press together with every stroke, cum slit to cum slit. Well he came but I did not. When i pulled out his cum was dripping out of my slit. At first I thought it was precum but it was real cum and it wasn't mine!

By 2nice at 16,Jul,19 12:16 other posts of 2nice 
I think itís highly unlikely anything would travel up your urethra.

By oldbugle at 16,Jul,19 12:00 other posts of oldbugle 
It's extremely dangerous if he has a serious STD......

By Scottbill69 at 16,Jul,19 10:50 other posts of Scottbill69 
It feels good ,my bf and I have done this a few times ,its great jerking both cockheads with one skin

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