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Started by overeight at 01,Sep,19 11:30  other posts of overeight
Just the other day I went to a coffee shop after I took my walk to help out my injuries from a bad wreck I was in awhile back. Well when I walk I wear either drifit warm up pants or compression pants to walk in. That day I had on warm up pants and mo underwear just a support cock ring. So my penis was quite visible. I got my drink and sat down and only a few college girls where there a few tables away. So I decided to log on here and check my messages. Then I noticed some pictures that a friend posted. Before I knew it I had a very very conspicuous raging erection. It was just as obvious as could be. If you wonder how hard it was look at my page at the erection I have a pic of there. Yes it was that hard in public. One table of the college girls walked by me as they left the shop. One if them as she walked by bent down and whispered near my ear "you have a nice cock for an old guy". So ladies I want to know if you had seen me in public with a rock hard cock that was so hard that my pants just conformed so you could clearly just see the entire thing even the veins and the mushroom head clear as day. What would you say or do if you walked by?

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By 2nice at 07,Sep,19 16:59 other posts of 2nice 
So, since we’re in the business of telling whoppers in this thread, I have one of my own.

Last week I was walking the sidewalk in front of the White House, and I hear a woman calling for me to stop. I look to my left and who do I see? None other than Ivanka Trump running in a full sprint wearing a short white sun dress. Her voluptuous boobs swaying side to side, up and down. I was worried she was going to knock a tooth out with those juggilicious baby feeders. I stopped and waited for her to approach me. She walked up, slightly out of breath, and said, “Pardon me sir, but I couldn’t help but notice from the second floor of the White House what a magnificent cock you have! I will pay you one million dollars if you allow me to suck it right now”. I gave it a moments thought and said, why not? I didn’t have to be at the coffee shop to expose myself to the local college girls for at least thirty minutes. I looked Ivanka in the eye and said, “Sure. If you think you can handle it”. She slowly nodded as I could see her eyes glass over, completely overcome by anticipation. I slowly pulled out by 14” inch cock and fed it into her eager mouth. Right through the wrought iron fence on Pennsylvania Ave. I’ve got to tell you, it was an experience. People were walking by giving me high fives, taking pictures. It was amazing. After I filled her belly with my baby batter, she moved to hand me a million dollars. She said, “Here is your million dollars as we agreed”. I said, “No, you can keep it. It wasn’t that good anyway”. She watched me as I zipped up and walked away. Anything like this ever happened to you?
By #578610 at 07,Sep,19 17:15

By bella! at 07,Sep,19 17:17 other posts of bella! 
Is this something that danced through your head a couple of years ago when you had that nasty spill from your bike? Oh, it couldn't have been, Trump was not in office.

By overeight at 07,Sep,19 23:21 other posts of overeight 
I don't see why you think its not true. What do you think is so impossible about it. What that I could get an erection I public,sorry true. That an artistic young lady dressed hippieish in a coffee shop talking to other artistic young ladies would actually mention that they notice a mans penis. Well if you dont think that happened all I can say is you haven't been around young ladies recently. Especially young artistic women. Younger ladies are a little more bold and outspoken now. They aren't like when I was young and they whispered to each other and giggled. The are more say what they think. Or maybe you think its possible that not one woman at all could possibly think that I have a nice penis. Well it may not be what every woman wants but none are and I assure you that I've had my share of women who actually think mime is more their taste. It appears to me that you have an incredible imagination at least when it comes to the presidents beautiful daughter. But I simply wanted women's opinions on if they saw a guy in public with an erection. It's also clear that one Twoarmpits believes that anyone who can get an erection in public should be locked away and the key thrown away while she post pictures online of all the cocks she has had in her while she is married to a man who wants to be with the men she is with. But I'm not saying she should be arrested and locked away for having sex with all the guys she has posed in her pics with. Some people are so judgmental and think if its not my kink its not right. Well judge all you want. But just keep in mind when you judge with conviction it is usually caused by want or desire and sometimes jealousy.

By 2nice at 04,Sep,19 09:43 other posts of 2nice 
Yeah...this really happened.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who would say that to a stranger in public.
By Scorps at 06,Sep,19 03:51 other posts of Scorps 
It sure sounded good though, didn't it! 😉

By Scorps at 01,Sep,19 16:45 other posts of Scorps 
When one answer's, let me know.

In the meantime, I'll take a shot at what I believe MOST "ladies" would think, seeing you like that in such a location around "college girls". Creep, old pervert, gross, inappropriate. Shall I go on? I shall... Weirdo, sicko, wacko, loser, desperate. Of course, I may be COMPLETELY wrong, guess we shall see.
By overeight at 01,Sep,19 18:02 other posts of overeight 
Well I see your opinion. However let me say it isn't really my fault that its a town full of colleges two universities and a community college so they are abundant. Then ill also say that it isn't like I expected to get aroused in public like that,yet it did happen. Not like I was just there for that reason. I stopped after going walking at an exercise place that is made for people to walk. I was properly dressed ( I may have possibly worn a jock but the support ring holds things better in place). Now tho coffee shop is right in the walking square. I also was sitting at a table alone across the place from the people there. Now I did have the option of getting up and walking out with this throbbing erection but I'm sure I would have been noticed. Or slide closer up under my table until things settled down. The one coed who saw me didn't seam to mind once she noticed. So I logged off and sat there for a few minutes and let nature take its course. Now admittedly it has been awhile since I was active so though I'm older doesn't mean I can't have a random erection just hit me from out of left field. Usually I can look at practically anything and not get aroused. However I did get a little excited and too involved with the hot pics than I should have. But sometimes you do have to throw yourself to the fates of the world let go and not be a stick in the mud. In other words throw caution into the wind and not be embarrassed or ashamed of who you are or what you have.
By #578610 at 01,Sep,19 22:16
This is from a woman that likes to see men's junk, handle it, suck it and fuck it. I'm a whore, yet, I don't go around with tight yoga pants in public. Being in a town full of college co-eds has nothing to do with it. You could have put on underwear. You could have used support hose and/or a girdle. You are a perv that wants to show yourself to people that don't want to see your junk but have no choice. And while we are at it, signing to SYD in a co
--------------------------------------- added after 65 seconds

Signing on to SYD in a coffee shop is not cool either.
By overeight at 02,Sep,19 12:03 other posts of overeight 
Well I suppose I should just never leave my house again gees hell i nigh get a hard on and offend someone who fucks all over but is married huh. I mean goodness is that what you suggest that I lock my door and never leave my house because it just might be possible that I get an erection in public. Or maybe I should just get a strap and tie my cock off to my leg and when women ask what's that big bump in your pants just say oh its a knot from where I tie my cock off to my leg so that if iget a hard on in public I don't offend anyone. Ridiculous.
By #578610 at 02,Sep,19 13:04
Be serious

By 1RonG at 02,Sep,19 13:34 other posts of 1RonG 
I think it's more the fact that you clearly state that you had warm up pants, no underwear and a cock ring and I quote ' so my penis was quite visible ', then you go in a coffeeshop full of college girls ( which due to you location You could not avoid ) and open the sites webpage in your browser. Now clearly this was going to lead to some ' excitement ' down below, that can be no surprise..then you came on here to brag about it ( that's how it comes across anyway ) . You are very lucky someone didn't report you for indecent images at the very least...let alone having a raging , very visible,stiffy in public and made no effort to conceal it
By overeight at 02,Sep,19 18:42 other posts of overeight 
Ron I was sitting at a table and slid my seat up under the table as much as I could. Besides at this shop it really isn't around the campus. It's actually around a public exercise area near center of town and the shop is usually full of artist and fine art students and creative folks. It's not really a college hangout but that particular day only students happened to be there. I go there because I have gotten gigs there before posing for artist and fine art students. And yes I was visible but not in a vulgar way. Just the pants just conform more to the shape than cotton does.

By 2nice at 04,Sep,19 10:48 other posts of 2nice 
For once I actually agree with you on something.
By #578610 at 04,Sep,19 10:55
You must be trying harder 2. I'll take it.

By wycowboy at 04,Sep,19 09:26 other posts of wycowboy 
It seems most think you are a perv, I don't agree. I have gotten an erection in odd places before too that has been noticed by others. One was in a place that actually made me uncomfortable. I was having lunch in a restaurant with my wife and kids and across the way was another family doing the same thing. They had a young teenage (about 16) daughter and she was wearing a short skirt. I could see most of the way up it due to the way she was sitting. A few minutes later she moved a bit and I could see the rest of the way. Her panties were see through. The view gave me a raging hard on which she noticed when she looked my way. I guess she was amused by it or something because she spread her legs a little farther which didn't help my situation any. Thankfully they left before we did and my cock subsided. It happens and has happened to most men whether they want to admit or not.

By bella! at 02,Sep,19 12:33 other posts of bella! 
What is a "support" cock ring, is it different than a cock ring?
By overeight at 02,Sep,19 18:33 other posts of overeight 
Bella it's a cockring that holds everything from moving around as I walk. I have to walk now to get back my stamina and longevity. Like I said I had a horrible accident just a few years ago and just regained my ability to walk and function again about a year and half ago. I was struggling with balance and not only had a crushed skull but broken shoulder,hip,knee,ankle,and a few vertebra in my back. I was laid up for over a year walking with a walker. So I walk now for exercise to regain my activity back. The cockring I was wearing wraps around the whole package and hold my testicles up and away so that I don't sit on or rack myself walking. Jockstraps and underwear just don't do the job. You have seen my package Bella so your aware that my penis is a little larger than average but if you look at my testicles they are between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball. So even wearing underwear it doesn't hold me in place. Jockstraps hold better but they are somewhat uncomfortable.

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