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Illinois woman posted screenshot her local channel accidentally put on air at 10am declaring Biden winner

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Started by overeight at 17,Mar,20 17:25  other posts of overeight
This woman caught a screenshot of her local channel in Illinois reporting tonight's total tally and them declaring Biden winner by a large margin. The engineers accidentally posted it live on air but it wasn't supposed to be put on live until tonight after polls close and votes are tallied. They were pre preparing a report for tonight after polls close with a total of tallied votes counted. In other words they screwed up and declared Biden had a large margin of votes and he was winner of Illinois and by percentage and total number of votes already. She said it was a local ABC channel.

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By overeight at 17,Mar,20 18:07 other posts of overeight 
The total on the screenshot is 986,341 total votes for Biden and 893,249 and thats how many votes the tv station had posted as final count on the tally for the state. Wait until tonight and see if those numbers are what are reported by Illinois on total votes in the state.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

Excuse me I was mistaken it was a CBS station not an ABC one. If anyone cares to read the article its in Bizpack review daily. Its a conservative news outlet that reports like a online paper. You can actually see the picture of the screenshot the woman who caught it posted online at 10 am on the day of the vote before polls were closed.
By Skittles at 18,Mar,20 08:41 other posts of Skittles 
Oh, so you say Dems cheat??

By overeight at 18,Mar,20 12:25 other posts of overeight 
Well you decide that they posted that yesterday at 10am the total 100% votes in and that Biden was winner and the report came out with 9 more hours to go in the vote or until the polls closed. But we all knew that since the last time they did the same thing to Bernie. As a matter of fact even Debbie Washerman Shultz assistant was found shot dead in Washington street in a supposed robbery but he was still wearing a $2000 watch,had all his credit cards in his wallet and still had $300 in his pocket cash. The last email he sent was to tell Bernie that he should quit because even if he got 90% of the vote they had already decided Hillary was going to be the candidate. That was a month before primaries. Just after that Debbie Washerman Shultz resigned as the director of the DNC.
By Skittles at 18,Mar,20 13:53 other posts of Skittles 
DNC scumbags would not access to their servers either....

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