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Cuckold well almost

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Started by Okaynow at 18,Mar,20 22:21  other posts of Okaynow
One day I need to sit down and put the full story on paper.

Always wanted to be cuckolded by the wife but she wasn't having it. We discovered yahoo groups back in the day and it all started.

I would search and search looking for the perfect guy. The perfect guy to
1) fuck my wife
2) dominate me and make fun of my cock.
Thank god shes down for mmf. I got part of my wish and she had her wish of 2 cocks. We need to do that more often

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By Samman at 21,Mar,20 15:54 other posts of Samman 
I remember when I was 18 I encountered a similar situation where my boss and his wife wanted me to fuck her. I was hesitant at first as we both took turns in her mouth and pussy but as I got more comfortable I ended up getting my fill of both worlds that night

By stevie_ at 20,Mar,20 19:41 other posts of stevie_ 
my wife and I are separated (live apart)but are still intimate. best of both worlds eh, lol
I had dropped in to see her one morning and she was still in her dressing gown, when I quizzed her about why she wasn't dressed she told me her boy friend had left about a hour ago and she needed a shower. I twigged straight away and I started to ask her if she had just fucked him, she confessed and said they had been fucking all morning, I was rock hard and she knew it. She then laughing at me told me he had cum in her and had made her cum. I asked if I could see and she sat back on the couch and opened up the dressing gown, her cunt and big lips were red and still swollen, the tease was getting horny again recounting the morning session and seeing her sub hubby aroused. As she licked her finger she told me she could taste his cum and offered he finger to me, I opened my mouth and sucked her finger like it was his cock. She then told me to get my cock out and watch her play with herself. I ended up naked and got on my knees and crawled towards her, I slipped my tongue into her swollen cunt and instantly tasted his cum. I ended up fucking her and she then made me clean both loads from her. At last our cuckold fantasies had been realised

By submissivemartyn at 19,Mar,20 03:25 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My first and not my last cuckold session:

My ex wife(who was also my Mistress)used to cam our B.D.S.M sessions on an adult dating site.We met and became friends with a local guy(a Master) on there and would cam and chat with him.One evening,without me knowing, She invited him to our house and when He arrived I was ordered by my Mistress to strip.Although He had seen me naked on cam I found it humiliating to be stood there naked (except for my cock cage and collar)in person.I was tied face down by my wrists and ankles bent over a table.The Master then had sex with my Mistress with Her humiliating me by saying things like 'He's much bigger than you'and 'He can last a lot longer than you' etc.When they had both had their orgasms my Mistress came over to me and shoved her dripping pussy in my face and ordered me to lick it clean.Once done She put her strap-on on and started to fuck me in the arse(She had used this before as well as dildos and butt plugs).The Master then shoved His cock in my mouth and told me to clean it and get it hard again.As She watched me sucking His cock my wife thought it funny and started laughing and calling me a 'sissy faggot'.Once I had got it hard He told my Mistress that He wanted to fuck my arse,so they swapped places and He gave my arse a good fucking.After He had cum in my arse I was released,cock cage removed and told to masturbate over the table whilst They watched.So I stood there cum dripping out of my arse masturbating(both laughing and making humiliating remarks at me) and when I had shot my load over the table,They ordered me to lick it all up.
Having His cock in my arse felt completely different to having the strap-on,dildos and butt pugs in there.It was warm and not cold like them for a start and seemed to move in and out differently,it was a great sensation.
By bil47 at 19,Mar,20 11:51 other posts of bil47 
I have fantasized this sort of scenario numerous times, jacking off to porn. Never in real life.
By submissivemartyn at 19,Mar,20 14:43 other posts of submissivemartyn 
I loved it and we did it several times with different Masters.She even invited a Mistress and her male sub over once.They had sex together whilst me and the other male sub watched.When they had finished giving each other an orgasm me and the male slave had to 'perform' for them.
By bil47 at 19,Mar,20 16:27 other posts of bil47 
Hot! Two subs having faggot sex, while two Dom ladies watch!
By submissivemartyn at 20,Mar,20 10:39 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Yes,it was very interesting!!And their humiliating remarks made it even better.

By Skittles at 19,Mar,20 15:12 other posts of Skittles 
Get member Bjuk involved here.. this is his sort of thing!

By oldtinyone at 18,Mar,20 22:46 other posts of oldtinyone 

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