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Has anyone ever turned somethingmeant to embarrass you into the other persons embarrassing moment.

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Started by overeight at 22,Mar,20 16:27  other posts of overeight
Once when I was about 15-16 before I got a car I rode bicycle everywhere. Well these two girls who were sisters and both very hot had a pool only a few blocks from my house. Well I had a crush on the older sister and the other was about 2 1/2- 3 years younger than me. The oldest was a year older. So I went over to visit and they both had girlfriends over and they were all in tiny bikinis looking good. They invited me to go swimming. So I went and walked around to the pool and took off my shirt and socks and shoes. Well I had pants on that were just pull up shorts with just elastic at the top. And back at that time I wore bikini underwear because I hate anything on my legs. That day I was wearing white with little stripes. So we went swimming and starts diving for stuff like quarters and little stuff. So I dove once already in the water went to the bottom and grabbed a quarter. The younger sister snatched off my shorts. I didn't care I still had on my underwear. Then the girls said ok new rule whoever gets the quarter has to get out of the pool and stand on the diving board to throw it back. So o walked up on the diving board and threw the quarter back. The girls all just stared at me and I dive back in. Then once I was in the water all four girls surrounding me and they all took off my underwear so I'm naked in the water. They threw it out up by the house so to get it I would have to get out of the pool. Well I stayed in the water and the sister of the two I had a crush on I had snatched off her top and threw it out of the pool. Me still naked but in the water I said hey who got the quarter. The little sister dove down to get it and she had a tie up bikini on so I dove down and snatched both her top and bottom off so now I'm naked,she is naked and her sister is topless. The younger girlfriend got out of the water because she was scared she would get stripped. Well the younger sister got the quarter so she had to get on the diving board and toss the quarter so she did and she was naked. So she jumped right in the water after the quarter the two other girls went for it and between all of us the little sister snatched off the others bikini and I took the bigger sisters bottoms. So now we are all completely naked except the one girl that got out of the pool. So the girls all got out of the pool and chased her around and stripped her naked on the side of the pool so there I am in the water looking at four naked hot girls. Then they said hey wait a minute you haven't got out of the pool at all and you were the first one naked. So they all jumped in and pulled me played with trying to get me out of the pool. Then the little sister grabbed my balls and said let go ill make him get out of the water. So she held my balls and pulled me up the stairs by my balls. The girls all looked and apparently liked what they saw because they all gathered around me. I was as hard as a guy can possibly get and with the younger sister grabbing me by the balls got me very worked up. So she had let go and they were all standing looking at my hard cock just amazed that I didn't run and hide. They then dared me to play with it for them and I said no you want you play with it. So I sat down on a pool chair and they all touched and felt it a little. All of a sudden they quickly jumped in the pool and I looked over and their mom was walking out. Before I could get in the pool she caught me and yelled my name stopping me. She said where are your shorts. I said I dont know wherever your daughters put them when they pulled them off. She said girls get out of the pool and get his shorts. They both got out and they were naked she had a fit. She covers them up with towels and she wrapped me up in a towel and she made the other girls get out and told me to turn around. I did and while the girls got out the mom looked at my bulge of my supper hard cock sticking the towel out. She licked her lips and told the girls to get my clothes wherever they were. The girls did and handed them to me. Then she sent the girls into the house. She told me I needed to get dressed and it was time for me to leave. So she stood there and watched me drop my towel and get my underwear on with my hard cock sticking out the leg. Then pulled on my shorts same thing. She told me wait till that fits in your pants and them hop on your bike for today. Do I sat there until my hard on went away while she watched then I went home.

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