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Messages from Donald J. Trump..2

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Started by SrCums at 27,Mar,20 09:08  other posts of SrCums
Donald J. Trump
59 mins ·
Just finished a very good conversation with President Xi of China. Discussed in great detail the CoronaVirus that is ravaging large parts of our Planet. China has been through much & has developed a strong understanding of the Virus. We are working closely together. Much respect!

Donald J. Trump
13 hrs ·
Our great Oil & Gas industry is under under siege after having one of the best years in recorded history. It will get better than ever as soon as our Country starts up again. Vital that it does for our National Security!

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By phart at 28,Mar,20 13:41 other posts of phart 
i saw something about 21 million closed cell phone accounts in china right now. Folks are thinking that might be a better count of victums of the virus?
By huxley999 at 28,Mar,20 14:13 other posts of huxley999 
"I saw something" - well, that's a good factual base from which to start!

"Folks are thinking". What folks are those then, phart?
By phart at 28,Mar,20 15:32 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links

You have access to google to you know! Geez, I was into 2 things at once and just mentioned what I saw awhile ago. YES FOLKS ARE THINKING< Perhaps you should to!
By huxley999 at 28,Mar,20 16:11 other posts of huxley999 
If those sources told me it was raining, I would look out the window to check.

From what I read, it sounds like YOUR country is in BIG trouble when it comes to Covid 19. Before you froth, I take ZERO pleasure in that.

As an aside: why not just wait until you have your sources to hand before you post something? The point I am making is that you, more often than not, make pretty wild claims WITHOUT having sources that people can check the veracity of.
By phart at 28,Mar,20 18:53 other posts of phart 
I guess I am guilty of making the asumption that if you gave a real damn about something I said and wanted to confirm it or disprove it you would actually take steps to look it up yourself instead of acting like a judge sitting back waiting for the prosecution and the defense to present the entire case before you belittle both lawyers and put them in jail for trying to present information and take the crook to lunch.
Since you obviously are a liberal minded person, I would have thought ABC and Bloomberg would be right up your alley.Just what or who do YOU consider to be a source you wouldn't look out your window to confirm? BBC? Aljzera "spelling".
By huxley999 at 28,Mar,20 18:58 other posts of huxley999 
Uh?? Why should it be MY responsibility to look it up myself rather than YOURS to provide a link in the first place? That's really fucked-up non-logic!!

Why am I not surprised?

The reddit link was more interesting. Did YOU read it? It comes up with a ton of reasons why the mobile phone numbers may have dropped. Some of them have nothing to do with covering up deaths. Did you actually read all that before you posted it? It sorta undermines your own argument!
By phart at 28,Mar,20 19:17 other posts of phart 
I posted all those links to disuss the theory,not prove it right or wrong.

You are way the heck over the ocean from here anyhow,why does anyone need to prove anything to you in regards to Americas issues?
You have a Kingdom to watch over, get back to it. Matter of fact Your Boris is sick with the virus.Pay attention and use all your resoursfulness to figure how who exsposed your LEADER to the virus and share that info with authorties.
By huxley999 at 29,Mar,20 08:39 other posts of huxley999 
Nice logic, yet again.

If I am supposed to shut up about "Americas (sic) issues", why do you still witter on about what's happening in China? What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, phart.

It's not my job, surprise surprise, to watch over my Kingdom or work out who infected BoJo. How you suppose I would be able to do so is beyond me.
By phart at 29,Mar,20 09:28 other posts of phart 
I have decided to stop wasting time on you but i did want to respond to the China thing. The virus that brought down the economy was released in china and the persons responsiable should never be able to get online or walk on this earth without being afraid someone will find them and hold them responseable.
Go watch over your kingdom and make sure your tourist attraction,the "royal family" is safe ok?'
By huxley999 at 29,Mar,20 10:54 other posts of huxley999 
I'm a Republican and would love to see our monarchy abolished tomorrow, phart.

Just out of interest: how do you think that the "persons reponsiable (sic)" should be held "responseable" (sic)?

How the fuck you can spell the same word 2 different ways that close to each other really confounds me! Particularly as neither is correct.

By Ted-E-Bare at 27,Mar,20 09:19 other posts of Ted-E-Bare 
You bet China has developed a strong understanding of the blinking virus . As it started there . And they also had a great understanding of how to keep it a secret and cover it up for so long . Allowing it to get thus far out of hand . They say they are getting it under control . But how much of that can we believe . No doubt Don will be happy to go along with what Mr Ping has to say on the matter.
--------------------------------------- added after 42 hours

At last governments are coming forward to lay the blame for the Covid-19 epidemic directly at the feet of China .

Downing Street says China faces a 'reckoning' over the coronavirus and risks becoming a 'pariah state' as Boris Johnson faces pressure to scrap the Huawei deal
Boris Johnson’s allies turned on China over the coronavirus crisis yesterday, as Britain’s death toll from the epidemic reached four figures.
Ministers and senior Downing Street officials said the Communist state now faces a ‘reckoning’ over its handling of the outbreak and risks becoming a ‘pariah state’.
They are furious over China’s campaign of misinformation, attempts to exploit the pandemic for economic gain and atrocious animal rights record.

The Prime Minister, who now faces Cabinet calls to reverse his decision to let controversial Chinese firm Huawei build large parts of Britain’s new 5G telecoms network .
By phart at 29,Mar,20 09:30 other posts of phart 
Perhaps there is hope of holding the guilty accountable after all. Even if it is by jurking their purse strings.

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