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No Collusion.

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Started by Godzillas at 28,Aug,18 11:20  other posts of Godzillas
The “collusion” case against Trump has entirely collapsed. It’s been a hoax from the beginning but the media, and the Democrats, are panicking because of two key developments:

1) Clintonista Lanny Davis has completely backtracked on his claim that Donald Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting.

2) The dossier claims, which place Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen in Prague, have been repeatedly discredited and Lanny Davis has convincingly denied these charges.

The media is losing ground quickly and they’re running out of time to produce the goods on this Russian collusion hoax. Trust me, they’re anxious right now. They know it’s all falling apart.

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By #460523 at 29,Aug,18 21:00
Trump 2020

By admin at 28,Aug,18 13:11 other posts of admin 
They will keep investigating until Trump is out one way or another. They are already too deep in it if they admit now they have nothing they will have to face too many questions and possible investigations against them this time. So, don't hold your breath.
By Godzillas at 28,Aug,18 17:16 other posts of Godzillas 
Well, the media itself has a lot to answer for too. What a disgrace. Yet with all this crap they keep going deeper into the quicksand... This country, if it is going to survive needs something but I have to clue as to what to do about it as long as money and power is the driving motivation.
By phart at 28,Aug,18 20:02 other posts of phart 
This has dragged on for so long that any new "evidence" they come up with could have easily been fabricated. I have always felt like Isis or the Taliban or some other terrorist group was behind the mess and used Russians servers. And if you look at the big picture,they created alot of havoc and never fired a shot or crashed a plane.
Now that we as America have made it so well known our election process is vulnerable,there will be legit threats against it from now on.
By Godzillas at 28,Aug,18 23:23 other posts of Godzillas 
Bruce Ohr just admitted the entire dossier was a setup.
By phart at 28,Aug,18 23:30 other posts of phart 
But you will find that according to certain folks,he was telling the truth up to the point he told that 1 lie! He has to be lieing, the dossier has to be real,he told us it was not long ago!
By Godzillas at 28,Aug,18 23:55 other posts of Godzillas 
He testified under oath in congress. If he is lying they will know. The entire setup was to overthrow the president. Period.. Too much money was on the line and these people were selling us out.

By Skittles at 29,Aug,18 11:14 other posts of Skittles 
agree, hundreds of millions were lost when Clinton could not deliver her promises with her humiliating loss
By Godzillas at 29,Aug,18 11:16 other posts of Godzillas 
Now China has stolen all of her emails with classified documents.. This is treason whether it was intentional or not..

By leopoldij at 28,Aug,18 11:47 other posts of leopoldij 
CNN (The Communist News Network) is falling apart too.
By phart at 28,Aug,18 19:59 other posts of phart 
if it fell from the screen,it would be no loss to anyone. Frankly,even the liberals I know seldom watch it anymore.That says alot.

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