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Seen by friends wife or girlfriend nude ?

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Started by Hung007 at 28,Apr,20 09:10  other posts of Hung007
Have you ever been seen naked by friends wife or gf with a big D ?
If so what was her reaction?

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By BlacVic at 01,May,20 03:27 other posts of BlacVic 
Every time I come over my best friends wife’s ass. I go to their house, she makes time for me to do it. Sometimes we sneak downstairs, she pulls her pants down suck my dick for a few minutes and then let me come, iI’ll start stroking my cock in the bathroom and she’ll come in, it seems like she always knows when I’m about to bust huge nuts. I’ve come on her face before but he tries not to suck it out of me. I think she wants to do better or doesn’t like doing it. I have stuck it in her pussy but she doesn’t like it either oiled my dick up and stuck in her ass she loved it and I fucked her ass till the whole room smells like shit.

I’m going to stop doing it one day I really hate that I’m doing out to my best friend but his wife has a sweet ass. I think we will continue until we get caught.

By Young34 at 30,Apr,20 11:48 other posts of Young34 
A friend and his gf are currently staying with me. I had the door closed to my bedroom, but they typically use the shower off my master bath. Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago I was sure that they were asleep and was jerking off fully nude in my bed, and going to take a shower after I came...I guess the gf woke up and had to pee. She opened the door with me rock-hard and in mid-stroke, paused for several seconds, said “oops sorry,” and closed the door. So now she’s seen me both soft and hard!

By knewbi at 30,Apr,20 11:17 other posts of knewbi 
Oh sure. Being swingers that has happened a number of times and I fucked them all.. And this was while the frind was fucking my wife...

By Lenatur at 30,Apr,20 02:12 other posts of Lenatur 
Yes a Girlfriend of my Wife see my nacked with the Piercing. She say your are modern ,now we flirt and Sex.

By wycowboy at 29,Apr,20 20:59 other posts of wycowboy 
My wifes BFF saw me flaccid and then erect. While I am a grower and not a shower I am still not huge by any means. She thought my cock was cute and giggled at its size. Didn't stop her from letting me fuck and make her squirt though,with my wifes permission.

By Alwaysnude at 29,Apr,20 13:31 other posts of Alwaysnude 
yes i have I theycalled my cock cute

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