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Have you been banned by the Saggy Granny? If so, why?

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Started by Skittles at 19,Nov,20 13:12  other posts of Skittles
The Saggy Granny- AKA TwowarmTTS3, Angel1227!, etc is a known site rat.

Have you been banned by this idiot? Tell us the reason for the ban.

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By bella! at 19,Nov,20 14:59 other posts of bella! 
I've been blacklisted multiple times. Currently, I'm blacklisted by the profile that was established under the guise it belonged to the spouse. Originally, the profile was established under the screen name of WOODY1227, but as of November 11, it is now ANGEL1227! .

Allegedly, at least 3, maybe 5 people live under one roof. Really? Sounds like a flop house to me. The member would like admin to believe they all use the same and the computer. My guess the member would like the general membership to believe the same bullshit. Hmmmm....don't you think it's beyond odd that all these ignorant fools spell the same way, too?

By Skittles at 19,Nov,20 13:16 other posts of Skittles 
Yes- multiple times and from her multiple profiles here!

The latest:


I gave this member many chances to be factual. If someone doesn't like me for whatever reason, I can live with that, but this member insults my family with huge lies. No wonder over 97 members blocked him.

Huge lies? Not as huge as her rat son's forehead, which is big enough to watch a movie on! A real window licker!

I was also banned for other heavy attacks, comments, and wonderful site gifts left on her scummy page.
By Freddy at 19,Nov,20 14:29 other posts of Freddy 

By Freddy at 19,Nov,20 14:29 other posts of Freddy 
She is the biggest rat on this website. She banned me every time she changes to a new profile. I will come after her and I don't give a fuck if she banned me because my Bad Hombres will send nasty messages to her page

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