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By tecsan at 20,Feb,21 04:49
Right next to bubbles and your sorry assed dumpster diving shitheads...Keep calm shits you know you want the vote back all can see it dumbass... /polls/2687.html vote here for free /polls/2687.html

By tecsan at 20,Feb,21 04:46

By tecsan at 20,Feb,21 02:15
Off topic again... please vote... /polls/2687.html

By tecsan at 20,Feb,21 02:14
I know it is off topic, but please vote... /polls/2687.html

By tecsan at 20,Feb,21 02:07
See whom shits dispatches to handle his problems... Vote here... /polls/2687.html

By tecsan at 18,Feb,21 01:40
Your friends go back to early years which opened it up for me...Pay attention...

By tecsan at 17,Feb,21 04:29
Again you posted to the dumpster so answer...

By tecsan at 17,Feb,21 04:27
Really, what the hell is wrong with you...???

By tecsan at 17,Feb,21 04:26
Let me quote you "You dont't tell me how to spell when 'you'...'when you writing is like a 7 yrs old kid'"...Maybe we need to focus more on grammar for your ridiculous sorry ass who knows maybe shits can help you too...Dumbass...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 16,Feb,21 03:44
Blacks were not considered free by democraps...Took a Republican to free them from the democraps...Right...

By tecsan at 16,Feb,21 03:39
Think all the libs thought the Senate would impeach...How dam funny was that...

By tecsan at 16,Feb,21 03:35
Really your grammar sucks again little bitch maggot...༼☯﹏☯༽Maybe if you learned between present and past tense then maybe you would have said "fucked up topic"...You are brain dead little bitch... ༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 16,Feb,21 03:34

By tecsan at 15,Feb,21 04:15
I do not disagree...

By tecsan at 15,Feb,21 04:07
Can you back up your comment or are you like to two lying bitches here...I do not think you are...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 15,Feb,21 04:04
You tell me...You posted here... ༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 14,Feb,21 03:31
Who is going to buy this crap???༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 12,Feb,21 22:19
Know where the glue part is coming from girl shits, fredgica glued you hand to your dick...How funny you going to an ED with your hand in your pants...I have seen that crap bitches...༼☯﹏☯༽ fredrica and girl shits wanking, guess fredrica got jealous and used the glue...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 12,Feb,21 21:40
Anything goes here...Just nothing illegal...

By tecsan at 12,Feb,21 00:52
I do not wish death on anyone here or anywhere...But the libs are trying to turn the US into a communist nation...Check out what they believe in...

By tecsan at 12,Feb,21 00:48
I agree...But, any can post about any topic they want...We all know the outcome of the election and the result of the superbowl...We all get away from the original topic at times and I do not mind...

By tecsan at 11,Feb,21 01:12
Does not matter...Feel free to post what you want...I was concerned about the "n##ga" word you used...I know you were trying to make a point...Honestly, post anything you desire I posed the question to which we all know the answer to now...So the thread can go any direction now...

By tecsan at 11,Feb,21 00:11
Shut your fag ass up bitch...You and fredrica are just lying jackasses here...Fuck off...

By tecsan at 10,Feb,21 23:54
I know many people that talk that way too...Does not make it right if I talk that way...

By tecsan at 10,Feb,21 03:08
Check out shittles stupid bitch blog and see whom is the coward bitch here...Harasses females here, she is racist and defends the coward girly fredrica for blocking me...When his girlfriend fredrica has blocked me for several weeks now...But he states I broke because I blocked they're sorry bitch asses for a few hours to see they're response...We have all seen it now... ༼☯﹏☯༽ ༼☯﹏☯༽ ༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 10,Feb,21 01:45
Go troll public men's rooms with your coward girlfriend fredrica...Bet you loved her SB run in that pink thong...

By tecsan at 10,Feb,21 01:42
Then why did you not just leave without posting...???༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 10,Feb,21 01:40
Your girlfriend fredrica (likes to be called freddy) still has her gay eyes closed...Hey KC should draft she ran farther than any RB for the KC... Keep defending your girlfriend whom still for weeks has non friends blocked...Two fucking cowards of the site...Two stupid bitches...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 10,Feb,21 01:28
I pissed in it...Guess you may want to avoid soup in your dumb restaurant tomorrow or even next week...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 09,Feb,21 03:28
Think since you do not live in the US that you need to mind your own liberal business...See I did ruffle your feathers though...How long did it take you to enter that...???

By tecsan at 09,Feb,21 03:20
Wait a year and some of the libs will start to miss him...

By tecsan at 09,Feb,21 03:18
Bet you never played football little girl shits...Wait according to fredrica neither of you ever have...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 09,Feb,21 03:13
Wish that were still true...So many fake accounts here, but it is not admin's fault...It is almost impossible to stop...

By tecsan at 09,Feb,21 01:55
I do feel sorry for those in states with dem governors...Hope it never happens again here...But hope he is up for the challenge to take Pennsylvania and make it Rep...Even if he fails, kudos for trying...

By tecsan at 09,Feb,21 01:45
You have changed girl...But something happened to your brain, your grammar sucks...But I do agree the halftime show sucked...Girly fred (fredrica) was the highlight running onto the field in her pink thong...Hey, was amusing to see fredrica almost make it to the endzone...If she would not have slid, I think fredrica might have made it...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 08,Feb,21 23:37
Nope, was just trying to be the mature one here which I clearly see it is not the lying jackass bitches shits and fredrica...༼☯﹏☯༽ Oh good luck with the breaking part bitch shits...Your coward friend girl freddy has broke though and has his girly hands up for the surrender...

By tecsan at 08,Feb,21 23:36

By tecsan at 08,Feb,21 05:35
But as the word cheap the first thing in my mind would have been 'Cheap Trick'...Just my thought...

By tecsan at 08,Feb,21 05:33
How about TS 'shake it off', but I could be wrong...Most use off to talk candidly 'OFF' the camera...

By tecsan at 08,Feb,21 03:49
Looked a bit like the chiefs just gave up to me way too early...

By tecsan at 08,Feb,21 02:41
I take it that you had a Rt testicular torsion...You will recover well and probably nothing to worry about...If you are wondering if you can still have kiddos, probably as you did not have a Lt testicular torsion...Short, be careful until you want a bouncing baby around the house...

By tecsan at 07,Feb,21 23:15
There no way a normal person can understand liberal thinking...

By tecsan at 07,Feb,21 23:13
Make a deal little boy...Take down your blogs about me and my blogs about you will disappear as well...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 07,Feb,21 03:42

By tecsan at 07,Feb,21 03:05
As I did state in an earlier post, I need to leave shits out of the argument...He does not harass me much anymore...But his minion fred does, so you are right...That is why I stated what I did about shits...

By tecsan at 07,Feb,21 03:01
You nailed it...Libs think they can run things better...For the next few years we can just see and I do not want to hear any of the libtards bitch...They control the house, senate and Potus...Let the libs bitch now...Oh, I know they will find something, probably more bs like someone shot a bird that shit on his car...Let the libs walk around without armed guards and see how long that lasts...But we all know they will bitch about something petty...I cannot wait...

By tecsan at 06,Feb,21 21:57
Re-read the post dumbass...You will see that I am agreeing with you...

By tecsan at 06,Feb,21 21:55
Damn, I have to agree with most of that...Many were bailed out before they were even booked in...European muppet sounds more like you though...I have no idea of European lifestyle except most are libs or worse communist...

By tecsan at 06,Feb,21 21:50
search his name may like him...

By tecsan at 06,Feb,21 02:46
Well, let me correct the title...Straight guys do not suck dick...They are gay as hell...༼☯﹏☯༽