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A report on Lady Tecsan!

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Started by Skittles at 05,Jan,21 09:29  other posts of Skittles
Report has been site verified!

A report has been made that Lady Tecsan was playing his role as a walking glory hole again. In addition, Lady Tecsan was injured at the latest glory hole party. He had been taped to the hole, which caused severe damage. Our lass has very hairy cheeks and the tape being pulled off injured her!

Lady Tecsan was last seen sitting at the free clinic on ice packs waiting for the nearly a doctor to see him. Please wish our little lass a speedy recovery!

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New Comment

By Skittles at 12,Jan,21 09:33 other posts of Skittles 
Additional Info: Like to leave problems to others that are qualified..

This is on Tecsan scummy profile. He admits to all he is NOT qualified to solve problems. A site window licker! It is a start.

By Freddy at 06,Jan,21 13:41 other posts of Freddy 
tecsan is a bottom for life
By tecsan at 12,Jan,21 02:08 other posts of tecsan 
These two are stupid idiots...I choose to hide my status and little fred immediately assumes and lies as usual...I choose not to have the star next to my name...Go collect your welfare checks, they should arrive soon...༼☯﹏☯༽

By Dev01 at 12,Jan,21 06:59 other posts of Dev01 

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